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Motorists warned not to stop at petrol stations unless you ‘really need to’ over coronavirus fears

DRIVERS have been warned not to stop at petrol stations or services unless they “really need to” in the latest coronavirus rule clampdown.

The Government has today updated its advice for those using the roads, after Boris Johnson last night told the nation to “pull together” as cases rise.

The revised guidance – set out in a 34-page document – says: “Only stop at petrol stations or motorway service stations if you really need to.

“If you have to stop, try to make sure you are social distancing.

“Always wash your hands before and after you travel.”

Motorists are urged not to share cars with people they don’t live with or outside their support bubble.

But if they need to share a ride, it should be with the same people each time where possible.

The advice adds windows should be kept open and travellers face away from each other, with masks popped on at petrol and service stations.

Anyone wanting to use public transport should aim to do so outside of peak times, and not eat or drink anything while travelling.

New restrictions include:

It comes after the PM warned the nation “your cough could be someone else’s death knell” as he begged the country to pull together to defeat the virus.

He urged Brits to show “discipline, resolve, and the spirit of togetherness” to get Britain through the “difficult” winter months to come – or face a new national lockdown.

In a live TV address – only the third time he has spoken to the nation in a recorded broadcast during the pandemic – he reassured the public that there “are great days ahead” once the fight against Covid is over.

However, for the first time he entertained the possibility of a “tougher” new national lockdown and what it would mean for the country, just weeks after he lifted restrictions.

Mr Johnson warned the nation that he would have no choice but to impose “significantly greater restrictions” later this year if the new measures fail to bring the ‘R’ value of the virus below 1.

Despite just last week declaring his aim to save the family Christmas, the PM warned the clampdown will last at least six months

It came just hours before Scots leader Nicola Sturgeon announced a complete ban on household mixing north of the border – saying Mr Johnson’s rules didn’t go far enough.



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