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Mother’s road rage incident has a surprising ending 

An exhausted mother-of-five who lashed out at a stranger for stealing her parking space ended up leaving a heartwarming note apologising to the woman for her outburst.

Teegs Scotney, from Brisbane, left a $5 note under the woman’s windscreen with a handwritten letter scrawled on a piece of paper as she raced to her gym class. 

But when she returned she was shocked to discover a new note left on her car with a touching response from the stranger.  

Ms Scotney took to Facebook to detail the moving interaction in a bid to encourage other mothers to show kindness as Australia is gripped by a coronavirus pandemic. 

‘I have had a rough time lately, mentally and emotionally drained, highly strung. We have had some full on weeks,’ she wrote. 

The mother-of-five said she was looking forward to spending time alone at the gym after a stressful day. 

‘I drove around the carpark three times looking for a space. On that third time I turned back and saw a person indicate to me they were leaving.

‘As they swung out I reversed to give them room but before I could pull into the now vacant space another car came from around the corner and into the park.

‘I took off and as I passed back I yelled at them. I wasn’t very aggressive, I didn’t swear but I did yell out and go mad. Enough to intimidate and rattle.’

The mum said she ‘felt horrible’ and hoped to reconcile with the woman.  

‘I found a pen and a scrap envelope in my bag… I wrote a note, slipped $5 inside and walked over to the car and left an apology note.’  

‘I’m sorry. No excuses, I shouldn’t have had a go at you. 

‘It was just the straw on a very heavy load and I shouldn’t have taken it out on someone else. 

‘I am not normally so aggressive or cranky. It’s been a very trying time. Please enjoy a sweet treat or something as an apology.’

She said she spotted a note on her own windscreen after returning from the class. 

‘Thank you so much for your lovely note and $5. I appreciate that more than you know. 

‘I honestly didn’t know you were there first. I’m sorry you are having a hard day. Hope you’re ok. It’s a tough time for me also. Thank you again,’ the note said. 

Ms Scotney said the interaction had taught her an important lesson. 

‘I owned my actions, I apologised and I turned my actions around. 

‘Tonight was a reminder to stay kind and that we do sometimes mess up, and that’s okay because we aren’t perfect, but we need to own our actions,’ she explained. 

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