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Mother writes adorable note on behalf of her baby ahead of a flight to Auckland

A mother wrote a note on behalf of her nine-month-old son ahead of a flight to warn other passengers he was travelling for the first time.


The woman created goody bags filled with lollies and chocolates to distribute on a flight to Auckland and tacked the note on the front, asking people to ‘excuse him’ for crying. 

‘Hello. My name is Yi Ning, a nine-month-old boy,’ the message reads.

‘I am going to Auckland with my parents. I’m a little bit nervous… because it’s my first flight in my life. Which means that I may cry or make too much noise.

‘I will try to keep quiet, though I can’t make any promises. Please excuse me. And my mum prepared a little gift bag for you! Enjoy your trip.’

Rueben Skipper, from Dunedin, uploaded a photo of his package to Twitter to thank the couple for their consideration.

‘What a thoughtful thing to do,’ he captioned the post.

‘They were a beautiful whānau.’

The post attracted mixed reviews from social media users, some of which said the mother should never have felt the need to apologise in the first place.

One woman, who works as cabin crew on flights, said these types of situations make her upset.

‘Sad that a mum feels like she has to plan in advance to apologise and give gifts to her neighbours on the plane so they’re not d***s about the baby crying.

‘Newsflash: babies cry,’ she said.

‘This is a beautiful gesture, but a parent shouldn’t feel obliged to give presents to other passengers to pacify them… babies cry, we all know this,’ another added.

Others said the gift pack lacked the essentials, including alcohol and earplugs.

Mr Skipper said the mother had no need to be concerned, given her baby didn’t make a sound for the entire duration of the flight.

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