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Mother who has been left with her lip stuck to her chest pleads for help to finally get surgery

A mother-of-three has spent 15 years with her lip stuck to her chest after she avoided medical treatment following a fire in her former workplace.

Leonor Niusa, 43, worked at a farm in Zamboanga City, the Philippines, when the candle she used as a source of light set a gasoline storage room ablaze.

She escaped the fire but horrific burns left across her face and body went untreated as her family feared they could not afford medical help.

And as her burns healed her lips were left attached to her chest. 

Her injuries now mean her movements are limited and since the accident she has not been able to find permanent work.

Instead Leonor and her young son travel through various towns asking for donations.     

The pair were seen by Justin Quiban, who gave them food and water after they were seen walking around his neighborhood.

And locals are now hoping to raise money for a relatively straight-forward operation to remove her mouth from her chest so she can work again.     

Justin said: ‘Zamboanga City said that she hasn’t been to the doctor ever since the accident. 

‘Her family chose to treat her burns in their house because they are afraid they will not be able to pay the medical bills.’ 

Leonor has three children and the two others live with her husband in another place.

In the video, taken by Quiban, the mother said that she wants to be better for her kids.

As she speaks about what has happened to her tears start falling from her face. 

‘I don’t want my kids to grow up with me looking like this forever,’ she says.

Quiban, with the help of some friends, went to look for Leonor’s house in Zamboanga and gave her some donations but the group said that it would be better if she can have an operation so she can live normally again and find a job. 

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