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Mother stops with her two young children at roadworks sign intended for traffic

Many drivers are familiar with the chore of having to wait at roadworks traffic lights which take forever to change.

But one mother waited happily with her two children at a red light near a set of roadworks – even though she and her kids were walking on the pavement.

In the video, which was filmed in the UK, the mother and her young son and daughter waited in front of a sign featuring the well-known words, ‘when red light shows, wait here’ – even though it was only intended for drivers. 

The footage, which lasts for just under 40 seconds and was filmed by a van driver who was waiting at the lights, was posted on Youtube in July but has only now come to light. 

The mother is seen resting her hand on her hip as she waits on the pavement just in front of the lights alongside her children. 

Her little boy looks anxious to continue his journey and is likely bemused about the unusual delay. 

Finally, after about 30 seconds of waiting, the light turns green and the mother shepherds her children further down the pavement. 

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