Mother sparks outrage after asking whether she should wear white to her sister-in-law’s wedding 

A mother has sparked outrage online after asking for advice on whether she should wear white to her sister-in-law’s wedding. 

The British woman, known only by her username ‘Badbird’, took to Mumsnet  to share a picture of a monochrome outfit she was thinking of buying, before questioning fellow mothers whether it was inappropriate.

Her snap, taken from clothing site Twenty-Six Fashion, showed a white semi-sheer lace midi skirt priced at £39.99 and a short-sleeved black polo neck sweater.

But users quickly flooded the thread, warning her against committing the cardinal sin of wearing white to a wedding.

‘Even though some brides wouldn’t mind, you can’t know for sure, so I wouldn’t risk it- especially family. It’s also by the way considered bad form to wear black,’ one warned. 

Looking for a solution, another asked: ‘Is the skirt available in other colours? It is a pretty style but I personally would avoid white at a wedding.’

Others were more concerned that ensemble seemed to casual for a wedding and said it looked more like something you would wear to the office, rather than a special occasion. 

‘It’s white you must know you don’t wear white to wedding. And also black. You’re also family so will be expected to make a effort,’ one said.

One outspoken user even said: ‘Bloody rude to your host, who would be too polite to say anything. ‘Agree on not wearing white even if the outfit definitely doesn’t look bridal. It’s the bride’s privilege to wear white and I think it’s a respect thing.’  

However a few said they didn’t see the problem with one admitting: ‘I would, and have, wear black and white to a wedding. As long as it’s not an actual wedding dress what does it matter?’

Others argued that as long as the outfit didn’t look bridal, it was fine to wear white.

‘I don’t believe I know anybody who would be offended by someone wearing white or black to their wedding. Unless it was a wedding dress of course! I don’t really understand who these people are who have headspace for such nonsens,’ one wrote.

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