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Mother reveals clever trick for getting sand off your hands and feet after a day at the beach

With the recent scorching temperatures in the UK, many families will be heading to the coast to enjoy the nice weather. 

Yet one constant bugbear is how sand, which is difficult to brush off, gets everywhere, including on your hands and feet.

But mother Stephanie Scheff, from California, went viral after sharing a video in which she demonstrated how to use talcum powder to remove sand from her son’s feet. 

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She originally shared the video on TikTok back in May, but with the sunny weather it’s recently resurfaced and has been shared dozens of times in recent days.

The mother was seen showing off the bottle of talcum powder before she used it to demonstrate her sand removal hack.

She explained: ‘I always keep a bottle of baby powder in the car for beach trips. 

‘You don’t want all this sand coming in your car, so sprinkle it on the area that has sand and it comes right off.’ 

As she was speaking she was seen sprinkling the talc onto her son’s foot, which had been covered in grit.

She then rubbed the powder and the sand disappeared with it. 

‘Look, no more sand. And it smells good,’ she added. 

Stephanie’s video has had more than 250,000 views and thousands of comments. 

One fan commented: ‘That’s actually pretty smart,’ while another wrote: ‘Saving this for the future.’

A third explained: ‘It works because the baby powder absorbs the moisture in the sand that makes it stick.’ 

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