Mother-of-two reveals how she managed to lose 34 kilos through meal prepping

A mother-of-two who battled with binge eating for years and tried ‘every diet on the planet’ has finally found a healthy way to shed 34kg.

Nessy Turner, 46, from the Central Coast of New South Wales, said she had always struggled to find balance with food.

‘I would deprive myself of foods I enjoyed for weeks, sometimes months, and then go on a massive binge and eat everything in sight,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘I also had no portion control and would pile my plate up with all of the food.’

Now she has gone from 101kg at her heaviest to a healthy 67kg.

She said that because of this, no matter how much weight she lost, she would always put it back on when she binged. 

Ms Turner eventually found herself being fixated with the number the scales displayed, which resulted in an unhealthy relationship with food.

She had joined a fitness group where she would weigh in each week and at the time her only goal was to be skinny.

As the weight dropped off each week her meals continued to become smaller and smaller.

Eventually she started depriving herself of foods she enjoyed and walked a little each day on the treadmill. 

‘The walking increased as I noticed the clothes were getting looser, then the food groups started to drop out,’ she said.

‘The walking turned to running and the weigh-in days turned into every day as it became an unhealthy obsession.’

She would run 10 kilometres every morning and 10 kilometres a night and her daily food intake consisted of tuna and rice crackers.

‘The mornings of a weigh in I would run 10 kilometres only and not even have a sip of water, making sure that number was less than the previous week,’ she said.

This unhealthy pattern saw Ms Turner weigh as little as 56 kilos which negatively affected her health.

One day when she was making the kids lunches, she felt so exhausted she had to support herself on the kitchen bench.

‘I had absolutely no energy, I was weak and felt light-headed. My body was starving and my brain was starving,’ she said.

‘The next morning I felt worse, and that’s when I knew I had to change my ways. I knew my kids needed me, I just couldn’t do it anymore’.

Fast forward eight months and sure enough, all of the weight, plus more, was back on.

Ms Turner said she didn’t like what she was seeing in the mirror.

‘I felt so lost. All I wanted was to live a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle! I wanted to show my kids it can be done in a healthy balanced way,’ she explained. 

This is what led Ms Turner to doing her homework to find an online coach, ensuring she was getting the right person to guide her.

She needed someone to not only help her with nutrition and exercise but also nee her hormones and her sleeping pattern.

Ms Turner said her weight loss primarily comes down to meal prepping and training six days a week. 

She combines her training with both weights and cardio as she said she loves seeing how her body responds to the challenges it faces.

‘I felt so lost. All I wanted was to live a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle! I wanted to show my kids it can be done in a healthy balanced way,’ she explained.

Her meal prep takes her approximately 60 minutes at a time and it helps her to stay on track as her food is prepped and ready to grab on the go.

‘Make sure you include carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your prepping, carbs are not bade for you!

‘I chose nutritionally dense foods to keep me fuller for longer.’

Ms Turner said she was at her heaviest when she was pregnant as she weighed 101 kilos.

Although she said she was expecting weight gain, she was surprised by how much she put on.

She said during both pregnancies she put on over 30 kilos and after each pregnancy her weight sat in the ‘high 80s’.

‘I really struggled to find balance again after I had my kids,’ Ms Turner said.

It wasn’t until she made these healthy changes to her lifestyle that she truly fell in love with herself and her body.

‘Let’s be honest, we all have parts we don’t like but I really love what I see in the mirror these days. I see a strong, energetic, healthy and positive woman,’ she said. 

Ms Turner also doesn’t find herself knocking back social outings, instead, making smart food choices. 

Now she isn’t focused on the scales, instead directing her energy to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle that she can sustain through fuelling her body with nutritious food and exercise. 

‘I get my motivation from the results I have achieved and I’m inspired by anyone who doesn’t give up. I tried 20 times and fell down 19 but here I am,’ she said.

‘Fuel your body! Lift some weights ladies, you are never too old to pick up some weight, stay consistent and your body will love you for it.

‘Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you put your mind to something.’


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