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Mother-of-two Labor MP reveals the moment that inspired her to completely change her diet

An Australian politician has revealed the life-changing moment that inspired her to shed almost half her body weight.

Mother-of-two and Labor’s communication spokeswoman Michelle Rowland, from Blacktown in Sydney’s west, tipped the scales at more than 100kg in her mid-40s.

Fed-up with feeling tired and unwell while trying to maintain a blossoming political career and keep up with two young girls, Ms Rowland resolved to lose a few kilos.

‘I decided I needed to change,’ she wrote on Instagram on Sunday.

‘I couldn’t keep up with my two beautiful daughters, be the wife I wanted to be, and deal with the physical and mental challenges of a busy work life.’

With the help of a dietitian and her GP, Ms Rowland lost one or two kilos, but quickly realised she could shed far more and resolved to become fit by the time she turned 50.

The now 48-year-old is on track to achieving her goals, revealing that she loves the gym.

She gets out of bed before sunrise to do housework and prepare healthy meals so she can exercise in the evenings, The Daily Telegraph reported.

‘I did this for me,’ she wrote on social media.

‘I’m a better version of myself that’s happier and has more energy, but still enjoys the occasional almond croissant and glass of red.’

Ms Rowland now weighs around 60kg and says she has more mental clarity than ever.

‘It takes time, willpower and consistency. But if I can do it, anyone can.’  

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