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Mother-of-three reveals how she transformed her tired old laundry for $500 – and her budget secrets

A mother-of-three from Perth has revealed how she transformed her ‘tired’ old laundry using materials from Bunnings and Kmart, and she only spent $500 in the process.

Jessica Brouwer, 29, said she was sick of her family’s outdated, crowded washing room, when she decided to take matters into her own hands and renovate the space earlier this year.

‘In order to keep the costs down, we bought as much as possible from Bunnings and did everything ourselves – including cutting a hole in the benchtop for the sink,’ Jessica told FEMAIL.

The busy mum said she bought two base cabinets for $99 each from Bunnings, as well as a benchtop for $99, a new sink for $115 and two packets of large tiles ($25 per packet) from the discount store.

‘We kept the layout the same so we didn’t have to move any pipes or anything,’ she said.

‘We just switched out the old furniture and cut a hole in the benchtop for the sink ourselves.’ 

Elsewhere, Jessica said she added a tumble dryer to her laundry which she usually kept elsewhere and hung a plant in a basket from Kmart over the top of the taps to hide them.

She and her partner also removed all of the old tiles by hand and then added the new ones to the wall. 

‘I also bought some laundry powder containers from Kmart,’ which were also very cheap,’ she said.

The entire project cost the Brouwer family just $493.


Speaking about her tips for others who want to carry out a renovation on a budget, Jessica said the main thing you need to do is ‘shop around’.

‘You can always get a better bargain elsewhere if you’re prepared to look,’ she said.

‘I also recommend you watch a heap of DIY tutorials and think outside of the box, as you can always save by doing things yourselves.’

Jessica added: ‘This was our first renovation so we had no other experience, but if you’re prepared to teach yourself and learn, you will quickly get better’. 

She also said you should join community groups on Facebook and elsewhere, as you’ll always find yourself ‘getting inspired’. 

When it comes to where you should shop, Jessica said she regularly visits Bunnings and Kmart for cut-price, trend-led items, and also keeps a keen eye on Facebook Marketplace.

‘You can also pick up some great bargains from op shops,’ she said. 

The mum-of-three recently shared the results of her handiwork on Facebook, where hundreds were impressed with her efforts.

‘This is amazing and it looks so much bigger now you have changed it,’ one woman said.

‘This is such an amazing transformation! Good job!’ another added. 

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