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Mother Jessica Hood reveals how she dropped 22 kilos in just three months during COVID-19 lockdown

A mother-of-four who lived off soft drinks and sugary treats has revealed how she lost 22 kilograms in just three months during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jessica Hood, from Melbourne, shared images of her incredible body transformation on social media, along with a detailed insight into how she shed the weight so quickly without marathon workout sessions.

The 32-year-old said the COVID-19 pandemic brought ‘a lot of negativity and anxiety’ into her life, but at the end of May she decided to ‘make a change’. 

Ms Hood said her diet originally consisted of junk food and soft drinks, including doughnuts, cakes, chocolate and coke, which she would consume daily. 

Rather than occasionally eating the sweet food and drink, she instead ‘lived off’ this unhealthy food ‘every single day’.   

‘It was the end of May and I was at my heaviest. My depression was severe and my life revolved around food. It was how I coped and how I got through my days,’ she wrote on her ‘House of Hoods’ Instagram page. 

But Ms Hood decided to make ‘small changes’ to her lifestyle, starting with her diet.  

Ms Hood said her goal was to lose weight by counting calories and eating smaller portions of high protein and low carb food, as she knew she would struggle to work out regularly at the start. 

‘Exercise wasn’t my main focus at this point because I knew if I did too much too quickly, I wouldn’t succeed,’ she said.  

Ms Hood said the first few weeks was the most challenging, but after the first month she managed to lose eight kilograms, which she was very proud of. 

‘Weight loss is one of those things, you know you want to click your fingers and you see results,’ she said. 

‘After the first month it just became a part of who I was and I could feel my body training and adjusting to these new habits.’ 

Ms Hood then started incorporating walking and light weight workouts into her schedule and the more weight she dropped, the more energy she had. 

Now she has shed 22 kilograms of weight and is happy with what she has achieved.

‘I took a negative, changed it to a positive and I discovered how strong I really was. I now think if I can do this, I can do anything,’ she said.

‘Although COVID-19 has left a big mark on all our hearts, the thing that will stand out the most when I look back on 2020 will be my strength and determination.’

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