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Mother continued POLE DANCING 37 weeks into her pregnancy

A mother who continued aerial and pole dancing until week 37 into her pregnancy has claimed the tough workout helped prevent any ‘morning sickness or fatigue’.

Breathtaking images show heavily-pregnant Jade Flash, 28, from Birmingham, effortlessly spinning around her pole, while others show her using her strength to hold herself in a sideways split position.

Professional dancer Jade, who feared she was infertile after her strict fitness regime stopped her periods aged just 15, kept pole dancing until she was 37 weeks pregnant but largely reduced her training after 17 weeks.   

Then on 1st August, Jade and her partner Nathan, 34, welcomed a healthy baby boy Maddox, weighing 6lbs 8oz, into the world.  

After getting the OK from medics, Jade continued to train as an aerial and pole dancer after falling pregnant, but for just one day rather than 45 hours per week. 

She said: ‘As I am so fit and healthy, the doctor said my body would be worse off if I was to completely stop.

‘I was incredibly lucky as I didn’t have any morning sickness or fatigue and I praise exercise for that. I continued to perform up until 17 weeks but I made sure I didn’t do anything to harm the baby.

‘I was very careful with anything on silks that wrapped around my tummy and I wouldn’t do anything on pole where it was squishing my belly. If something didn’t feel right then I would stop immediately.’

Jade gave birth naturally to Maddox, who weighed a healthy 6lbs 8oz.

She added: ‘We are in dreamland floating about with him. He is perfect and I am constantly staring at him. I’ve barely had any sleep yet I feel like I have so much energy!’

Before Maddox, Jade thought she was infertile because she’d not ovulated for the last 12 years – but she started her period again whilst on a relaxing holiday with her partner.

She was told by medics that her only chance of becoming pregnant would be through IVF since her menstrual cycle had stopped when she was just 15-years-old.

But after taking a short break from her strict dancing and performing regime, her periods returned and Jade was soon expecting.

Jade said: ‘As a teenager, I was underweight which contributed to my periods stopping and doctors said I was training too much.

‘But it was hard not to – I’m passionate about dance and I have always strived to be the best I can possibly be. I began my career at 16 and danced in Mexico, at private parties with celebrities and even toured the UK with a circus.

‘I was training for six hours per day and then at the shows of a night – it was intense but I loved it. It wasn’t until I got older and Nathan, who is a business owner, suggested we start a family.’

Jade confessed: ‘Initially, I pretended I wasn’t ready but deep down it was because I thought I was infertile. At 26, I expressed my concerns to the doctor who put me on the IVF waiting list.

‘This didn’t give me much hope as the doctors didn’t think it would naturally be possible either.’

Jade was prescribed various contraception pills to try and kick-start her periods but it made her gain weight. But thankfully, during a five-week stay in Tahiti, Jade’s period returned and Maddox was conceived.

She said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when my period returned whilst I was teaching dance abroad. My training regime was reduced and I was super chilled and relaxed whilst there so I think that helped a lot.

‘I gained a little weight as I was eating all the right foods and getting all the nourishment I needed. Nathan joined me for the last two weeks in October and that is when the baby was conceived. We felt so lucky to get pregnant instantly!’ 

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