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Most brutally honest obituary of all time as heartbroken family use ‘dumbass’ son’s death as to warn about drink driving

THE family of a young man killed while driving drunk has called him a “dumbass” in a brutally honest obituary.

Cody James Holland, 25, from New York, died on Saturday after crashing his car while inebriated and not wearing his seat belt, his relatives said.

His mother Colleen Lynch says she hopes the straight-talking obituary will stop others from making the same mistakes he did.

The death notice reads: “Cody James left us on August 8, 2020, as a result of injuries sustained from being a dumb ass.

“He drank, drove, and didn’t wear his seat belt! Please, don’t be a dumb ass!”

The obit also describes the correctional officer as someone who “loved his middle finger and showing his butt to the world”.

Speaking about the unconventional death notice, his mum wrote on Facebook: “I’m sorry if you don’t feel this was appropriate but it was hard and it is honest.

“I love this child more than anyone can even imagine. My beautiful, smart, handsome boy.. I called him a dumb ass because he was doing dumb ass things.

“If this obituary makes even ONE person rethink drinking and driving then I have no regrets.”

Cody James’ aunt Trisha Culligan wrote that she hopes his passing “saves another family the same heartbreak”.

She said: “Don’t drink and drive…CALL someone! It takes a village!

“Share this horrible example with your teenagers and young adults especially. If this changes even just one life, it’s worth it!”

She added the 25-year-old’s obituary reflected “about who HE was” and admitted the family is “grieving in different ways”.

The obit did pay tribute to Cody saying he was someone who “loved with his whole heart”.

His relatives said his interests included “his trucks, his motorcycle, his dog, his girl, his guns, huntin’ and fishin’ with his friends and family”.

The obit added: “Tough guy with a big heart! Friend to most, hater to some. Cody loved his family, both biological and those he selected to be his family.”

Summing him up, it read: “Cody played hard and lived life like he wanted. His favorite saying was ‘You don’t tell me what to do, I do what I want!'”

His funeral service will be held this Friday in New York and those attending are asked to be “dressed how you are most comfortable. This is how Cody would want it”.

The 25-year-old is survived by his parents, two brothers, his grandparents, his girlfriend Alexis Sawyer and “lifelong friends whom he loved fiercely,” according to the death notice.

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