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Moronic coronavirus deniers plan a mass-demonstration on the streets of Melbourne

Coronavirus deniers are planning a mass demonstration to honour the ANZACs in Melbourne as the city grapples with a devastating second outbreak of the disease.

A photoshopped picture of a shrine with the date 31st July 2020 superimposed on top is circulating on social media and among anti-mask communities, urging people to pay tribute to the soldiers in spite of Victoria’s strict lockdown orders.

An event is scheduled at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance on Friday.

One of the group’s supporters shared the event and poster on her social media channels, urging her friends to gather on Friday. 

‘If you attend ANZAC 25th April usually, then there should be no difference on this date as they removed our rights to attend our shrines for ANZAC this year due their fake COVID lockdown,’ the woman said in the caption of the post. 

In the same caption, the woman referenced a series of historic treaties and policies while strangely insisting people are not ‘citizens’. 

‘Standing out from under their Ship, off their Sea and onto our own lands again gives you Loyal Subject rights once again,’ she wrote.

The woman told people not to call themselves citizens, arguing that anyone who declared citizenship after World War Two was immediately placed under ‘their control’. 

Anti-maskers are increasingly refusing to cooperate with public health directives throughout Melbourne, arguing that their civil liberties have been restricted.

Just two days ago, a script which has been shared among these communities was leaked to the public. It gives them a step-by-step guide of what to say to officers when they attempt to escape locked down suburbs through COVID checkpoints.

A lawyer told Daily Mail Australia the defences offered within these scripts would not hold up in court.

Victoria Police are on high alert after learning of the scheduled demonstration.  

‘There will be a highly visible police presence at the event and if people do attend, and are found to be in breach of the directions issued by the Chief Health Officer, they will be subject to enforcement action,’ a spokesman said.

‘Anyone found to be blatantly, deliberately or obviously breaching the Chief Health Officer directions can expect to receive a fine of $1,652.’

On Tuesday, as Victoria confirmed another 384 new COVID-19 cases and six more deaths, Premier Daniel Andrews again urged people to wear masks and follow the health directives. 

‘We do continue to see some people who believe their own liberties or their human rights are more important than human life,’ he said.

‘I say that’s not only a really bad decision, it’s not a very smart one.’

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