‘More woke bllx!’ says the narrator. The lyrics of the 1980s popular tune It’s Raining Men have been rewritten to be more “inclusive.”


‘More woke bllx!’ says the narrator. The lyrics of the 1980s popular tune It’s Raining Men have been rewritten to be more “inclusive.”

THE LYRICS TO THE WEATHER GIRLS’ 1980s hit song It’s Raining Men have been modified to “it’s raining them” in order to utilize “more inclusive” pronouns.

The song, composed by Paul Shaffer and released in 1982, has been updated and released to commemorate World Pride Month. The goal was to make everyone feel welcome and to honor non-binary and trans artists. Mr. Shaffer agreed to replace the word “men” with “them.” As a result of the adjustment, the song’s chorus will now be: “It’s showering them!” Hallelujah! It’s pouring on them! Amen!”

These aren’t the only modifications.

“Tall, blonde, dark, and lean/ harsh and rugged and strong and mean” has been substituted with “cool, brave, strong, and keen/proud and loud and here and seen.”

The phrase “so that every lady could find her perfect gentleman” has been changed to “so that every person could find their perfect kind.”

The phrase “mother nature is a single lady” has been replaced with “they’re a single person.”

On the other hand, the move has sparked a lot of controversy on social media.

“More woke bllx as the classic Raining Men gets remade as Raining Them – to ‘use more inclusive pronouns,’” Martin Daubney, the Deputy Leader of The Reclaim Party and former MEP, posted on Twitter.

“Actually, it’s the contrary because there are more men than women.”

Many social media users responded to Mr Daubney’s initial post by calling the judgments a “joke.”

“FFS what nonsense,” one person said, “I’m sure the original is still being sung terribly at local Karaoke bars.”

“I honestly just laughed out loud at this,” said another.

“This kind of bullshit boils my blood,” stated a third.

“It’s pathetic!” said another person. What is it that the awakened aren’t offended by?! To be honest, the woke irritate me.”

Others disagreed, with one commenter adding, “Dude, if you can’t understand that this is satire, I don’t know what to tell you.”

“I’m not sure which is funnier, the tale or you being outraged by it,” another remarked.

Mila Jam, an American transgender singer and gay rights activist, has recorded a new version of the song.

“It’s an honor to play It’s Raining Them,” the singer stated.

“I feel that the future is ours, that it is today, and that we must shine for all LGBTQ+ artists.

“We haven’t always been in this situation, therefore I believe it is.” Brinkwire Summary News


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