More than £45 billion was raised for charity after record Lotto sales.


More than £45 billion was raised for charity after record Lotto sales.

Camelot, the national lottery operator, has announced that it has raised more than £45 billion for its many beneficiaries, thanks to record sales fueled by passionate Britons cheering on Team GB.

It sold just about £4 billion worth of tickets between April and September, up £107.3 million or 2.7 percent from the previous year.

This was its highest half-year performance since the game’s inception in November 1994, despite a drop in the number of Euromillions rollovers during that time.

In that period, £884.5 million was raised for good causes, up from £863.7 million in 2020, bringing its total contribution since 1994 to £45 billion.

The total amount raised from ticket sales for various charities, community projects, and other endeavors increased by 6.5 percent, offsetting a 59.1 percent drop in unclaimed prize money received by Camelot.

“The National Lottery continues to be in the best shape it has ever been as it delivers for good causes, players, retailers, and the Treasury,” said chief executive Nigel Railton.

The National Lottery’s largest-ever advertising campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Games, which highlighted how the National Lottery supports Team GB and Paralympics GB competitors, was a crucial component, according to Camelot.

Mr Railton went on to say that Camelot’s sales benefited from the rebound in high streets that has occurred after pandemic restrictions were lifted, as well as the positive response to improvements to its Lotto game.

He said that his company is “one of the only large operators in the world” that is increasing sales of its flagship game.

“This, combined with a gradual retail recovery and our summer-long campaign honoring National Lottery players’ contributions to helping catapult our Olympians and Paralympians to victory, came up to a record first-half performance,” he said.

During Camelot’s first half, 184 new millionaires were made, with prize money totaling £2,274.5 million, up £30.6 million over the previous year.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Add your postcode or go to to find out. The majority of the increase came from increased demand for all of the National Lottery’s draw-based games, such as Lotto and Euromillions, which increased by 3.6 percent to £2.23 billion.

Scratchcard sales increased by 6.7 percent as a result of the relaxation of Covid restrictions and the subsequent robust recovery in retail.

This compensates for an 8.8% drop in online and mobile instant win ticket sales. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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