More snow is expected this month, according to forecasters, with a deep freeze of -5°C expected to hit the UK soon.


More snow is expected this month, according to forecasters, with a deep freeze of -5°C expected to hit the UK soon.

Following recent snowfall in parts of the UK, forecasters have warned that more could fall in January, with ‘unsettled conditions’ expected to persist.

More snow is expected this month, with a -5C deep freeze expected to hit parts of the UK in a matter of days, according to forecasters.

“A more unsettled regime is most likely during late January and into early February with spells of wet and windy weather followed by brighter but showery interludes,” the Met Office said in their long-range forecast from January 23 onward.

“Overall temperatures are expected to be near or slightly above average, with a few colder interludes possible.”

“In any colder interludes, snow may fall to lower levels, but it will most likely fall over higher ground in the north.”

WX Charts has also created weather modeling maps that back up the Met Office’s prediction of more snow, but they believe it won’t arrive until after January 23.

A front of heavy rain and snow will move across several regions, particularly in the north, from Saturday, January 15, to Tuesday, January 18.

Northern Scotland will be the hardest hit, according to WX Charts, with up to three inches of snow possible in higher areas.

An inch of snow is expected to fall in Inverness and Aberdeen, with some snow also expected in Edinburgh.

Temperatures in northern Scotland could drop as low as -5C during this period, according to WX Charts.

They predict snow in Northern Ireland and northern England, as well as heavy rain in other parts of the country.

WX Charts predicts that temperatures in Belfast and Manchester will drop to -1C on Saturday, January 15 as a result of this weather front.

Fortunately, temperatures aren’t expected to drop that low for at least another week or two, with today’s forecasted to be about average for this time of year.

The Met Office predicts that the South West of England will be the warmest region today, with afternoon highs of 9C expected.

Today’s high will be 8°C in southern-central England, with 6°C or 7°C in Northern Ireland, most of Scotland, and northern England.

East Anglia, on the other hand, will struggle to reach 5 degrees this afternoon.

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