More health excuses are expected to delay Princess Charlene’s return to Monaco.


More health excuses are expected to delay Princess Charlene’s return to Monaco.

PRINCESS Charlene of Monaco is said to have undergone additional surgery in South Africa, delaying her much-anticipated return to Monte Carlo yet again.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, 43, has been the subject of much gossip in recent months when she reportedly left Monaco with her husband Prince Albert and their six-year-old twins. The royals have categorically denied any marital problems, citing health reasons, and a new round of surgery is alleged to have recently taken place, despite Albert’s recent statements that she was doing well.

Charlene’s spokesman said the former Olympian, who was born in Zimbabwe, recently underwent a “last treatment” under general anaesthesia.

In September, the princess was brought to the hospital after falling from an ear, nose, and throat illness.

Last week, a buddy said: “Hopefully, this will be the last procedure. She’ll be on her way once the doctors give her the go light.” However, this isn’t the first time intimate friends of the princess have made similar assertions, and any delays in her return to Monaco will do little to dispel the speculation.

Prince Albert had said she was “better” just before the surgery statement was issued.

Albert, 63, told RMC radio in France that his wife would be back “very soon,” adding that “we have to talk to the physicians in a few days.”

“She is better,” he said, “although it has been really difficult for her because she has had so many complications.”

Charlene has been in South Africa, where she grew up, for more than five months on a journey that was supposed to be a quick visit to work with her charity.

She hasn’t been seen in Monaco since January, however her Instagram shows that she and her family have visited her in South Africa at least once.

The ambiguity surrounding the situation has fueled suspicion that her marriage is on the rocks and that she will not return to Monaco.

Charlene stated she was staying in her own country for medical reasons, telling South African radio in July that she “cannot push healing.”

In an interview with People Magazine, Prince Albert tried to put an end to the rumors, stating that his wife left Monaco to work and visit family, not because of a quarrel.

He stated, ” “She didn’t sulk her way out of Monaco! “Brinkwire Summary News” says she didn’t depart because she was angry.


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