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Monica Elizabeth Young: Claims teacher accused of sex with pupil said trouble would be ‘worth it’

A teacher accused of sex with a student, 14, as often as three times in the one day is alleged to have told him: ‘If we get in trouble, it’ll be big trouble, it’ll be worth it’. 

Sydney geography teacher Monica Elizabeth Young, 23, sought bail at Burwood Local Court on Thursday afternoon after being charged with a string of aggravated sex offences.

Her defence lawyer Gazi Abbas said Young had been ‘languishing’ behind bars since her sensational arrest earlier this month and could be waiting more than a year until she faced trial.

Jail at Silverwater Women’s prison was a ‘jarring’ experience for a young woman with no criminal record, Mr Abbas told the court, adding she was entitled to the presumption of innocence.

But a police prosecutor, who gave her name only as Ms Schiemer, said that the case against Young was ‘extremely strong’.

‘There’s actually CCTV of numerous events … there is the statement made by the alleged that “if we get in trouble, it’ll be big trouble, it’ll be worth it’,’ the prosecutor said.

‘There is knowledge of committing these crimes and of the seriousness of the crimes.’

Mr Abbas said Young denies the charges and the Crown case was ‘not overwhelming.

‘There’s no CCTV actually capturing the alleged incidents. The Crown case only goes entirely by his statement. 

‘The allegations are untested. It has not yet gone to court. She denies the allegations. It will go to trial.’

The up-and-coming defence lawyer said Young could offer up $50,000 from her parents as surety, as well as her grandmother’s home should she breach her bail conditions.

Young appeared via video link from prison and only spoke to confirm she could hear the proceedings. ‘Yes’, she said.

Mr Abbas told the court the case was the alleged victim’s word against his client’s.

He said that Young would likely not face a trial until the end of 2021, due to delays in the District Court.

Meanwhile, the lawyer said that Young’s ‘loving, caring’ family had been unable to visit her in prison due to COVID-19 restrictions, which would also make it ‘very difficult’ to prepare her defence case.  

Mr Abbas told the court Young was offering stringent ‘house arrest’ bail conditions to stay at her grandmother’s place.

But the magistrate was not convinced that her circumstances had changed substantially since she was denied bail earlier this month at Bankstown Local Court.

Mr Williams said the ‘only real change in circumstances is there is now a substantial surety perhaps up to $1 million with a house.’

The magistrate added that almost ‘every sexual assault matter is the victim’s word against the accused’. 

Mr Williams refused bail and said she could expect a ‘considerable period’ in custody should she be found guilty at trial. 

The maximum custodial sentence for her offences is 12 years’ imprisonment. However, she is fighting the charges.

Daily Mail Australia has previously exclusively revealed how Young will seek bail at the New South Wales Supreme Court next month, which would be her final shot at liberty unless her circumstances change, she is found not guilty or charges are dropped.

Ms Young’s fiance has told media he is standing by Young and doesn’t believe the allegations. Friends said their wedding was expected in the near future, but was not a ground of today’s bail application. 

The case continues. 

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