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Moment tradie swooped by magpie INSIDE Sydney home as live-streams himself play video game Valorant

Terrifying footage has emerged showing a magpie attacking a gamer inside his own home.

Warehouse manager Rhys Lynch, 28, was live-streaming himself playing the video game Valorant when an unexpected guest flew into his Sydney home. 

‘What the, there’s a f**king magpie in my house,’ he can be heard saying.

‘Oi, get out of here.’

Mr Lynch took his eyes away from the game for a moment but was determined to finish the game.

‘We were in over time, I couldn’t let the boys down,’ he told 7News.

But just moments after sitting back down the vicious bird flew straight at his face. 

Professor Daryl Jones said the terrifying home invasion was a ‘phenomena’. 

He said magpies traditionally only attack when someone invades their territory as a way to protect their chicks.

Magpie swooping season usually runs from September to November.

As magpies are native to Australia, those affected by the swooping are not able to take any action which may harm the birds or disturb their nests.

Instead, councils are advising residents to simply take another path or to wear a helmet or hat as protection.

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