Moment As he hovers in a Blue Origin space ship, William Shatner, 90, is left speechless, saying, “Oh Jesus.”


Moment As he hovers in a Blue Origin space ship, William Shatner, 90, is left speechless, saying, “Oh Jesus.”

AN EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE Following his voyage to space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin capsule, William Shatner exclaims upon his return to Earth.

As he recognized his position above the West Texas desert while flying 66.5 miles above the earth’s atmosphere, an awed Shatner said, “Oh Jesus.”

Shatner, who played James Kirk in the famous science fiction series Star Trek, made history on Wednesday when he became the oldest person to launch into space – and had an emotional return.

The 90-year-old actor was part of a four-person team that left the planet’s surface at 11 a.m. on Wednesday to launch into low earth orbit, and video of the actor’s experience is out of this world to say the least.

From the Blue Origin mission, designated NS-18, video shows the actor hovering and looking down towards the ground. It was the company’s second mission with a human crew.

Shatner admitted before the voyage that he was “terrified” of traveling to space, but that he felt “comfortable, but yet uncomfortable.”

“When we go up, we’ll be in weightlessness, and we’ll know we’re safe because everything else should be fine,” she says.

“And we have that inspirational moment, which I believe will occur when we gaze into the immensity of the universe.”

Over a million people tuned in to watch the 10-minute debut live on the internet.

Blue Origin Vice President of Mission and Flight Operations Audrey Powers assisted Shatner in leading the team, and paying clients included Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries, the proprietor of a medical software firm.

🔵 For live updates, visit our William Shatner Blue Origin live blog. Bezos was on hand to greet the passengers as they returned to the ground.

“Greetings, astronauts. “Welcome to Planet Earth!” Bezos was ecstatic.

Shatner, on the other hand, was too elated to talk upon his return.

“I’ve been hearing about space for quite some time. I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to witness it firsthand. What a wonder.” When Shatner returned, he told Bezos, “What you have given me is the most profound experience.” “I’m hoping I’ll never be able to recover from this.” I’m hoping to keep the feelings I’m experiencing right now. I don’t want to throw it away.” “All of a sudden, you think to yourself, ‘Whoa, that’s death.’ That’s what I witnessed.” Bezos claims to have made more than $100 million from the sale of tickets to board his rocket.

The “New Shepard,” named after the first astronaut Alan Shepard, was designed with human spaceflight in mind, allowing Shatner and other passengers to wear harnesses but not helmets.

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