Modeling mystery Despite her mother’s claims that she would have ‘fought like hell,’ Christy Giles was discovered dead with no injuries.


Modeling mystery Despite her mother’s claims that she would have ‘fought like hell,’ Christy Giles was discovered dead with no injuries.

Model Christy Giles’ death remains a mystery, as her mother claims she would have “fought like hell” if she had lived.

On November 13, Christy was discovered dead at the Southern California Hospital in Culver City, Los Angeles, with no injuries.

Dusty Giles, the 24-year-mother, old’s told The Sun that her daughter and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26, were drugged and sexually raped on their way to the afterparty they were supposed to attend.

“My daughter is the daughter of a military police officer, and her father, Leslie, served in Iraq,” she explained.

“With a ballpoint pen, my daughters have been taught how to kill someone.”

“My daughter would have fought like hell, and based on what I’ve learned from the emergency hospital doctor and nurse, there were no apparent bruises, scrapes, or other signs of an encounter.”

On Friday night, the two women were out partying at West Hollywood’s Soho House before being invited to an afterparty in the Hollywood Hills by a man Hilda had met when single.

According to Christy’s relatives, she was dropped off at the hospital around 5 p.m. by three males dressed in all black and wearing bandanas, driving a car with no plates.

Hilda was discovered in critical condition at a West LA hospital just two hours later.

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Christy’s husband, Jan Cilliers, was able to view her phone records, according to Dusty, 49, who resides in Dora, Alabama.

Dusty said her daughter’s last text message to Hilda was at 5:38 a.m. on Saturday, when she wrote to her, “Let’s get out of here,” with the wide eyes emoji.

Hilda, a newcomer to LA from Mexico, replied “Yes” and texted that she had placed an Uber order.

“The only way these individuals could have detained my daughter and Hilda for more than 10 hours would be if they gave them medication or tied them up,” Dusty explained.

“After Hilda and she consented to leave and had booked an Uber, my daughter never opened another text message in her life.”

“We believe that was the final time Christy was alive and able to move and act on her own volition.

“The girls were texting each other instead of speaking out loud in front of these guys.”

Dusty said, “I believe they drugged them to keep them, and I believe they probably raped them.”

“Why do you wait ten hours after she’s dead to throw her on a sidewalk, take off your license plates, and hide your face?”

It’s not logical, and it doesn’t follow.”

That was shared by Christy’s relatives… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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