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Model gets backlash for filming man telling her to wear mask

An Instagram model who was breaking the law requiring Tube passengers to wear a mask is under fire for complaining about the ‘mask police’ while filming a man who accosted her for going without a face covering.

The 22-year-old, who goes by Duana W and boasts 11,000 followers, filmed an overweight bald man confronting her in a foul -mouthed tirade on the platform at Tottenham Court Road station on the London Underground on Sunday.

Despite her complaints about the man’s aggressive conduct, she has been inundated with criticism from observers who have pointed out that she is breaking laws designed to slow the spread of coronavirus through the capital.

The video starts with the man walking down the platform, shouting: ‘There might be other people who are scared to confront you. 

‘But I’m not. F****** sort your s*** out, yes film me because you’re a d******* without a mask. You’re a c*** putting people’s lives at risk.’

It has been compulsory to wear face coverings while travelling on public transport since June 15. 

When another passenger intervenes and asks the man to leave her alone, he refuses to back away, before shouting: ‘Put a f******  mask on.’ 

After the footage went viral, the 22-year-old model wrote: ‘I actually do wear a mask when its needed however it wasn’t needed on a virtually empty, socially distanced, hot Central line platform at 11pm on a Sunday night.

‘I can assure you no one was put at risk by me not wearing it apart from the blue bearded Peter Griffin looking a** who came into my personal space harassing me. 

‘He was clearly looking for a fight which is why I didn’t provoke him further by answering him and I doubt he cared for anyone’s health as he claims when clearly doesn’t care for his own.’ 

As of yesterday, British Transport Police and Transport for London workers have had to remind more than 80,000 passengers to wear face coverings on buses, trains and trams.

Around 6,200 have been asked to leave the network, and 285 people have been fined for not following the rules.

Other Twitter users had replied to point out rules on face coverings, which came into effect nearly two months ago. 

One wrote: ‘He is moving a bit excessive but the rules do say you have to wear a mask when using public transport. Think about others who are more vulnerable.’

Responding to criticism, the model wrote: ‘My mentions are full of uneducated hypocrties pretending to be health experts but I guess that’s Twitter for ya(sic).

‘Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but no amount of online bullying can ever guilt trip me into believing that I’m killing people by not wearing my mask when I am practicing pretty much all safety measures to protect me from getting the virus.’

She then asks critics to ‘find out why we can catch Covid-19 on a train platform but not in a restaurant, pub or gym.’ 

A British Transport Police spokeswoman said: ‘We are aware of this video that is being circulated on social media and our officers are looking in to it further. 

‘We’re asking anyone with further details to text us on 61016 with the reference 399 of 3 August.’

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