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Model ex of former bikie gives birth to second child with her new love a year after public break-up

The Instagram-famous former girlfriend of an ex-Hells Angels bikie has given birth to her second child a year after the pair split. 

Allaina Vader, Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert’s ex, on Monday announced the birth of her new son, Storm.

Ms Vader is now dating Dallas Donnelly, who is understood to have fathered the child. 

The Instagram model shared photos of her new boyfriend and herself with baby Storm after the birth.

‘I couldn’t have got through this labour without you… my heart is so full right now, I can’t stop staring at him when I should be sleeping,’ she wrote alongside the images.

‘While you two boys are sleeping like twins I am still awake of excitement and over tired now I think.’ 

Ms Vader and Geppert have regularly made headlines, from a war of words with their relatives to both of them being involved in public fights and road rage brawls. 

Geppert, 27, was arrested in Airlie Beach in north Queensland in November after a trip away with Ms Vader that sparked their breakup. 

He was spent Christmas in jail and was quick to declare to his 14,000 Instagram followers that 2020 was his year when he was released. 

‘I can pretty much say 2020 will be the year for the BG! How much money have you lost chasing expletive? How much expletive you lost chasing money? Think about it’, he wrote.

In January he posted a now-deleted screenshot of a threatening message sent privately to his Instagram account. 

‘We are all coming for you Geppert u can’t think you can just say sorry and get away with years of your bulls**t,’ the message reads.

‘Your time is up we will find you and you can’t leave town cause you are on parole.

‘It’s only a matter of time your days are numbered not even the cops can save u now f**k face’. 

Geppert captioned the screenshot saying the person ‘keeps making fake accounts’ to try and scare him and that he has no intention of leaving Airlie Beach.

He later posted a picture of a mystery brunette with the caption ‘see you soon princess.’ 

Geppert is serving a three-year suspended prison sentence following a fight outside a KFC restaurant on the Gold Coast.

The ex-bikie was back in the news in September following the stabbing death of his 17-year-old brother Harrison during a brawl.

At the time of his brother’s death, Geppert said he was ‘crushed’ and ‘if I could give my life for you to have yours back I would do so without thinking twice’. 

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