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Miriam Margolyes has been ‘lonely and anxious’ in lockdown

Miriam Margolyes has admitted she’s been ‘lonely, depressed and anxious’ while spending lockdown alone. 

The Harry Potter actress, 79, has been spending the crisis alone, without her partner of 52 years, Heather, who lives separately from her in Amsterdam and appearing on Loose Women she said she’s found the pandemic ‘ghastly’. 

Later, she spoke about her fear of ‘losing her marbles’ as she ages, and admitted she fears developing Alzheimer’s disease, after seeing her father ‘gradually disappear from her’ as a result of the condition.  

When asked by host Jane Moore if she was living with anyone at the moment, she said: ‘No I’m on my own, do you think anyone would come live with me? 

‘My friend Denise comes to help me and my friend Marina comes to help me and I have a gardener Marcos, who I can see from the window. 

‘But inside I’m alone and it’s horrible. I’m lonely, depressed and anxious, I don’t know what we’re going to do, because we’re never going to get out of this.’ 

Speaking of partner Heather she went on: ‘She lives in Amsterdam, the reason we’re still together is because we’ve not lived together. 

‘[Lockdown] is awful, absolutely ghastly and I hate it, I’m not going to be brave about it, it’s absolute… well I have to be careful what I say on your programme.’ 

Miryam is set to star in an online play entitled Watching Rosie, which explores how those with dementia are coping during lockdown. 

Later in the interview, she was quizzed on whether she worried about getting Alzheimer’s, after her father Joseph’s health deteriorated because of the disease.  

‘Oh yes I do,’ she said. ‘I think I’m on my way to losing my marbles and it is worrying. 

‘Its worrying for all of us, or anybody who has any experience of someone with Alzheimer’s and seeing them gradually disappear from you. 

‘Dementia is a horrible business and we need to bring more attention to it, which is why I did this play.’ 

The British-Australian actress went on to speak about her dual citizenship, which she has explored in new BBC2 series Almost Australian. 

‘Well I’m a citizen of Australia, she told: ‘But I didn’t feel i’d entered into the spirit of the place. I didn’t know enough about it, so that’s why I went on this trip and I’m bloody exhausted.’ 

During the series, in which Miriam travels around the country alone, she meets the family of partner Heather, but admitted her partner ‘hates it’ when she speaks about her on television.  

‘Yes I met her family’, she told, ‘She hates me to talk about her on television. She thinks whenever she looks at herself on google it’s all about me and not her.’ 

The actress went on to speak about coming out as gay in her late 20s, but insisted she never felt uncomfortable with her own sexuality. 

When asked whether she struggled coming out, she said: ‘I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to.

‘It never occurred to me that loving somebody and going to bed with them was not on just because they were the same sex as you.’  

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