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‘Miracle’ $1.25 Aldi spray banishes a stubborn coffee stain from cream carpet in just TWO minutes

Aldi’s ‘miracle’ Di-San pre-wash cleaning spray has come to the rescue one again after an Australian woman used the $1.25 buy to remove a large coffee stain from her cream carpet.

Posting to the popular Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Lea,a mother from Sydney, said the budget product removed the stain in just two minutes.

‘I sprayed the stain to fully cover it, left it for 30 seconds, used a wet cloth (cold water) and rubbed back and forth then soaked up the moisture with paper towel,’ she wrote online.

The powerful Di-San stain remover has a lemon fragrance, is Australian made and is safe to use on both coloured and white materials.

The Aldi buy can also be purchased across stores nationally and has been endorsed by consumer company CHOICE. 

When removing coloured stains, Lea also warned to never rub in a circular motion because this ‘mats the carpet’ and may cause the stain to spread.

‘Don’t rub stains like red wine or anything with a colour that could spread,’ she said.

‘For that you need to soak up [the] stain with a white cloth first and then spray [the] carpet and sponge off using a daubing method’.

She suggested using ‘lots of clean water’ then drying with a towel to soak up the liquid. 

Others part of the Facebook group were impressed with the instant result and those who have tried the product themselves said it works very well.

‘Did this with red wine. Brilliant!’ one person said.

‘It’s great stuff!’ another added.

Previously other customers have used the Di-San spray to clean dirty floors, kitchen rangehood filters, bathroom showers and white sneakers.

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