Millions of people saw the adorable reaction of the dog when he realized his owner was pregnant.


Millions of people saw the adorable reaction of the dog when he realized his owner was pregnant.

A VIDEO of a pregnant woman’s dog realizing she’s expecting has moved the hearts of millions of people across the world.

When the heartwarming and unexpected reaction occurred, TikTok user Ryan @maxpotentialdogtraining filmed the family pet Nova. While Ryan chuckles and asks, “Nova, what are you doing?” while standing next to his wife Stephanie on the sofa, owner and puppy lovingly nuzzle each other face-to-face.

The canine glances deeply at the expectant mother as Stephanie grins and kisses the four-legged family member.

Ryan then asks Nova what she’s up to again, and she appears to be hesitant about what to do next.

When Nova softly rests her forehead on Stephanie’s stomach, Ryan, a dog trainer, asks his dog, “Are you protecting?”

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The soon-to-be mother then gives her pet a loving ear rub and a pat on the back, thanking her dog for recognizing that the family is growing.

Ryan shared the heartwarming reply on TikTok, labeling the video, “Crazy how they know.” #tiktokbabies #tiktokbabyboy #tiktokdogs #dogtrainer.”

The video has been viewed over 13.2 million times since its release, with other dog lovers and owners sharing similar stories in the comments.

“My rottweiler did the same thing,” one spectator commented. Ours arrived a week ago, and he adores her.”

“I was in labor on the floor with my three dogs all around me, refusing to leave me,” another individual stated.

“My mate’s Staff put his head on my bump and wouldn’t let other dogs near me,” one TikTok user said.

In a heartwarming moment, an orangutan kisses a pregnant woman’s belly.

Several people requested that the pair share a reaction video once the baby was born after the announcement was made in late November 2020.

Ryan and Stephanie went on to conceive a son, and the family routinely posts clips of Nova with their kid on social media.

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