Military planes from France have been grounded after Macron sparked outrage with ‘irresponsible’ claims.


Military planes from France have been grounded after Macron sparked outrage with ‘irresponsible’ claims.

EMMANUEL MACRON enraged Algerian authorities over the weekend when he accused them of fomenting anti-French sentiment.

According to Le Monde, France’s President claimed that Algeria’s “politico-military system” has rewritten the history of France’s colonization of the country based on “hate of France.” Macron was also described as doubting the existence of an Algerian nation prior to French colonialism.

The comments infuriated the North African country, which retaliated by blocking its airspace to French military jets, triggering the largest diplomatic spat in years between the two countries.

Algeria has restricted its airspace to two planes, according to a representative for the French Armed Forces, although this will have “no serious effects” for operations in the Sahel region, south of Algeria.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris on Saturday, citing remarks attributed to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Algeria’s government did not say exactly Macron remark provoked the recall of its ambassador, but it accused him of meddling in Algerian internal matters.

According to a government source in Algeria, the remark doubting the country’s survival as a nation sparked special outrage.

After a costly military fight, Algeria gained independence from France in 1962.

Since independence, Algeria’s ruling elite has mostly been made up of veterans of the country’s liberation struggle against France.

“We understand Macron is campaigning and that he is using all means necessary to gain far-right support, including disrespecting Algeria’s past… “This is intolerable to us,” stated a former Algerian minister.

The Algerian president said Macron’s comments were “inadmissible” and “irresponsible,” and that it “rejects any meddling un its internal affairs.”

“In light of the extremely intolerable circumstances created by these reckless remarks, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided to recall the ambassador immediately,” the statement added.

The statement stated that the remarks, which have not been refuted by French authorities, are hurtful to Algerian martyrs who fought for independence from France, but did not provide further information.

“Those words are an unforgivable insult on martyrs’ memory,” the statement continued.

“Nothing and no one can absolve the colonial powers of their crimes,” it continued.

In April of next year, France will have presidential elections.

The disagreement comes after France said last week that it will reduce the amount of visas available to people of Maghreb nations, prompting Algeria to issue a formal protest.

In the Sahel, France has roughly 5,000 troops. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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