Miles Routledge, a university student, had to flee Kabul because the summer vacation had gotten out of hand.


Miles Routledge, a university student, had to flee Kabul because the summer vacation had gotten out of hand.

A STUDENT who claimed to have traveled to Afghanistan after Googling “most dangerous nations to visit” says he has been “evacuated” – just hours after the Foreign Office stated it was attempting to locate him and offer him assistance.

Miles Routledge’s friend, however, believes that no matter where he is, he is unprepared for life in the war-torn country, stating, “He’s obviously not a fighter.” Government officials were working feverishly to locate the 21-year-old student after he claimed he was stranded in the country after traveling there in an apparent case of risk tourism earlier this month.

Mr Routledge arrived in Kabul on August 13 after conducting a Google search for the “most risky nations to visit.”

With the Taliban taking large swaths of the mountainous country in the face of US army withdrawals and flights grounded, he claimed he was “trapped” and “in a pickle.”

Mr Routledge said on Facebook last night, with a cheerful photo of himself in army garb, “Evacuated at 4ish (it’s 2am now) with 100 or so other civilians.”

“I couldn’t send a message because cars were transmitting signals that would detonate bombs.

“It prevented my airpods from connecting, thus I believe it has disabled all wifi and data.

“We were allowed to proceed through the airport by the Taliban, and we met a lot of them.”

“Very long transition period,” he continued, “but everyone was smiling and waving at each other, and some even took pictures with them.”

“I slept on a dirt/gravel road and awoke to the sound of passing cars.

“We’ve moved into a new safe residence, and we’re all hydrated, cheerful, and ready for a nap.

Mr Routledge did not reveal the location of the “safe house.”

Susan, who lives in the affluent Birmingham district of Sutton Coldfield, told Sun Online that she was waiting for word of his location with bated breath.

“Miles is absolutely in Afghanistan, 100 percent,” his pal insisted. He’s there for the right reasons. It may appear to be a complicated prank, but it is true.

He couldn’t even handle a university student, let alone the Taliban.

Miles Routledge’s friend

“This is a prank that has gotten completely out of hand. He intended to return in September with a narrative on his trip to Kabul.”

“The lunacy and the danger do not appear to.” Brinkwire Summary News, he continued.


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