Mike Tyson “pushed the s*** out of him,” according to WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Mike Tyson “pushed the s*** out of him,” according to WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After being shoved by Mike Tyson during an episode of Monday Night Raw in 1998, Stone Cold Steve Austin claims he nearly went off script and pushed the boxer.

During a heated segment on Monday Night Raw in 1998, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin claimed that Mike Tyson “pushed the s*** out of him.”

Iron Mike had agreed to serve as the’special outside enforcer’ (basically a second referee) for Austin’s world title match against ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels as part of the storyline leading up to WrestleMania 14.

Professional wrestling was at its cultural pinnacle in the late 1990s, and Stone Cold had established himself as the industry’s undisputed face.

After The Texas Rattlesnake got in his face and flipped him off in one of the most iconic WWE moments of all time, Tyson, who was suspended from boxing at the time, aligned himself with Michaels.

Austin claimed in a recent interview that he and Tyson were working without a script that night, and that the brawl that ensued was more-or-less improvised.

“I was unsure what Mike was going to say.”

I had a general idea of what it was about.

“However, it was just a deal where Mike went out and said what he said, and I got in his face and flipped him off,” Austin explained.

“He had to push the s*** out of me because he’d look like a punk if he just barely pushed me.”

As a result, he pushed me to my knees.”

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Six-time WWE Champion Rey Mysterio claims he was desperate to push Tyson back, but he was quickly restrained by a half-dozen overseers who were on hand to ensure things didn’t get out of hand.

It’s a good thing, too, because dozens of (dollar)100 bills are said to have flown out of the boxer’s pockets during the fight.

“If you watch that footage back, you can’t see it very well,” Austin continued. “I don’t know where Mike Tyson was going after he worked Monday Night Raw that night, but there were hundred dollar bills exploding out of all his pockets, and all of his handlers were trying to pick them up.”

Tyson turned on Michaels a few weeks later at WrestleMania, leveling him with a stiff right hand and even counting the pin.

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