Mike Pompeo’s ‘unrecognisable’ weight loss causes a stir in the United States.


Mike Pompeo’s ‘unrecognisable’ weight loss causes a stir in the United States.

MIKE POMPEO has been almost “unrecognisable” since the Trump administration left the White House last year, but the former secretary of state has lost around 200 pounds and is now almost “unrecognisable.”

Mr Pompeo claimed that weighing himself on June 14 last year was the catalyst for his dramatic weight loss.

The former CIA director was shocked to learn that he weighed nearly 300 pounds (21 stone).

Mr. Pomepo, 58, admitted to his wife Susan that he needed to make a change.

“I started exercising, not every day, but nearly every day, and eating right, and the weight just started to come off,” he told The New York Post.

Pompeo also claimed to have a home gym in his basement, complete with dumbbells and an elliptical machine.

“I tried to go down there five or six times a week and stay for a half-hour or so,” he continued.

And it wasn’t even close to being scientific.

“There was no nutritionist or trainer.”

“It was only me.”

After being elected to Congress as a representative for Kansas in 2010, the West Point graduate began to pack on the pounds.

Mr Pompeo, on the other hand, admits that staying in a healthy weight range has been a “lifetime struggle” for him.

Discipline has also been important, which has included changing his diet, which has included ditching the cheeseburgers and sugary treats in favor of more nutritious options.

Pompeo has pledged to continue to enjoy family culinary gatherings and traditions despite his new healthy regime.

“Food is where our family gathers,” he explained.

We’re Italians who enjoy getting together over a good meal of pasta, bread, cheeses, and dessert.

“We’ll still enjoy these large gatherings with family and friends, but I’ll be the guy who says, ‘Yeah, I’ll have a salad.'”

The California native admits to using a foot injury as an excuse to avoid losing weight in the past.

“I gained almost a hundred pounds over the course of 10, 11 years — years that coincided with my foot injury — so I told myself that was why I gained so much weight,” he said.

Mr. Pompeo has worked as a senior counsel for global affairs at the American Center for International Law since leaving the Trump administration.

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