Michael Schumacher’s health: A devastated friend’s plea to inform the Formula One star of his son’s talent has been granted.


Michael Schumacher’s health: A devastated friend’s plea to inform the Formula One star of his son’s talent has been granted.

According to newly discovered testimonies, Michael Schumacher’s devastated friend Giancarlo Fisichella revealed he wished to tell the German icon how wonderful his son had grown in the sport that made him famous.

Schumacher, a seven-time world champion, is the subject of a new Netflix documentary with the same title that was released earlier this month. ‘Schumacher’ delves into his illustrious career, which saw him become regarded as the best racer of all time by many, as well as his rivalry with Ayrton Senna. It also gives viewers a first look into Schumacher’s personal life, with individuals closest to him discussing the fallout from his skiing tragedy in 2013.

The mishap has left the 52-year-old in a state of recovery.

He suffered a severe brain damage while skiing in the Swiss Alps during the incident.

Mick, his son, also commented about his father’s difficulty communicating in the documentary.

Mick, who is now a Formula 1 racer with Haas, said he would “give up everything” to talk with his father again.

Fisichella, a buddy, once claimed that he wished to talk with Schumacher to tell him what a terrific driver he had become.

During the moving conversation, Fisichella, a fellow former Formula One racer, highlighted how painful his friend and old rival’s condition had been for him.

He said the family “does not let us know anything about him,” thus “nothing is known” regarding the racing driver’s condition.

After retiring from Formula One, Schumacher was notoriously quiet, claiming that the attention that came with his celebrity was not something he loved.

As a result, the new documentary is even more enlightening because it is the first time the family has opened its doors to the outside world.

In an interview with Rai three years before the film’s release, the 48-year-old said: “He has given me so much throughout the years that I have raced with him, and the few times I have come in first have made me even more happy since he is a tremendous champion.

“It’s a horrible fate for someone who frequently risked his life as a racer to be seriously injured when skiing.

“I’d like to hug him and speak with him. I’d tell him how nicely his kid Mick is progressing, that he’s winning races and, like his father, may one day be a world champion.

“From the bottom of my heart, I hope he can. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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