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Met Office issues a health alert as England is set be hotter than the Bahamas

Anyone who equipped themselves with fans and paddling pools to survive last week’s sweltering temperatures can sit back, smug – and cool – because the heatwave is set to return by the weekend.

By Friday, England will bake in temperatures of up to 37C (99F), hotter than the Bahamas or Lisbon, as the Met Office issued a heat health alert for the South East.

The level two alert, which means that temperatures are expected to reach a certain high on two consecutive days, will be in place from midday on Thursday until 9am on Sunday.

The value temperatures must reach to trigger an alert varies depending on the region affected – in the North East, temperatures would need to reach 28C (82F) over the same period – but the threshold is 30C (86F) on average.

Warm air from Europe is expected at the end of the week, with southerly winds sweeping hot and dry conditions across most of England.

Temperatures could peak at around 32C (90F) in the South on Thursday and 26C (79F) in the North.

While the Bahamas could be 31C (88F) on Friday, the Met Office has said temperatures in England could reach 37C (99F), and Lisbon may peak at around 30C (86F) by the weekend. 

Although the hot spell is due to last throughout Saturday, the temperature is expected to drop and by Sunday, some parts of the country could see thunder storms.

Bonnie Diamond, a forecaster for the Met Office, said the North West would see an ‘unsettled’ start to the week, while the South should enjoy a dry spell – with warmer weather spreading across England and Wales from Thursday.

It follows a weekend of hot weather which saw some of England’s most popular tourist hotspots deluged with visitors.

The Met Office confirmed last Friday was the third hottest day since records began in 1910, after a high of 37.8C (100F) was recorded at Heathrow airport.

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