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Men from Yorkshire have England’s sexiest accent, poll finds

THERE’S nowt as sexy as a bloke with a Yorkshire accent, says a poll.

The blunt tones of Tykes are irresistible and make women go weak at the knees.

Some 20 per cent made broad Yorkshire the sexiest English male accent.

That will bring a smile to Rotherham-born TV comic Paul Chuckle, and former cricketer Sir Geoffrey Boycott.

It came ahead of Geordie on 19 per cent, with Lancashire and the Manchester accent of the North West third on 17 per cent.

Brummies were fourth on 15 per cent and South West guys fifth on 12 per cent.

But only 11 per cent of men found the Yorkshire dialect ­attractive in women. Instead, 18 per cent of fellas found Geordie the sexiest female accent.

In second came Lancashire or North West tones of Manchester on 17 per cent — followed by the South West on 15 per cent.

The Cockney accent was popular with 14 per cent of women, placing it fourth, while Brummies were fifth on 13 per cent., a dating site for married couples, had asked 2,000 people who spoke the most attractively. Almost three-quarters said accent was a major part of attraction.

A spokeswoman said: “It is great to see that not only are regional accents still thriving but they can prove to be a massive turn-on.

“It’s amazing to find the Yorkshire and Geordie accents have got plenty of pulling power.”

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