Men dressed as fake cops with handcuffs and batons attempt to break into a woman’s home and demand to’search it.’


Men dressed as fake cops with handcuffs and batons attempt to break into a woman’s home and demand to’search it.’

Two guys posing as police officers attempted to break into a family’s house, prompting authorities to initiate an inquiry.

During the terrifying episode in Barking, East London, the men were dressed in rudimentary police uniforms, including caps and lanyards.

One of the men could be heard pretending to speak on a radio attached to his vest in footage shared on social media.

Both men donned police headgear with a ‘police’ logo on the side, as well as latex gloves, handcuffs, and an extendable baton.

A woman can be heard in the video demanding to see the ‘officers’ identification, but they refuse.

Are you familiar with the two gentlemen in the video? Emma James can be reached at [email protected] or 0207 824100. Before one of the males appeared to lash out at her phone, she said, “show me your face” and “you come to my house, show me your ID.”

Both men use their extendable batons to try to force their way into the flat, but the residents refuse.

They then leave the property, with one of them remarking over his ‘radio,’ “bring some more in here, they’re aggressive.”

“She’s pursuing me down the road,” he continues, before both guys race away from the scene.

They accuse the woman of selling marijuana during the altercation, but fled when she shouts, “I have this on tape” and “run mother***er.”

“If you’re a cop, stop disguising your face,” she continued. “Can you tell me why you’ve come into this house?” The event shocked social media users, with one commenting, “I think a lot of people would just let a stranger inside their home if they were wearing a police uniform.” Another individual added: “For a fragile person, this may have been disastrous. Keep an eye out for the elderly in your neighborhood.” The men’s effort to impersonate cops comes just weeks after killer cop Wayne Couzens was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Sarah Everard and kidnapping her off the street while wearing his police badge.

According to a Sun investigation, an authentic police identity kit can be purchased online for a few pounds.

Replica warrant card holders, as well as real Met badges that may be pasted to them, are available on Amazon and eBay.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media filmed in east London that appears to show two males impersonating police officers,” a Met Police spokeswoman said.

“Police were called to a residential block in The Shaftesburys, Barking IG11, at 18:51 hours on Tuesday, October 12th.”

“A woman claimed that two males had shown up at her home. They pretended to be cops and were caught in the act… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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