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Member of pointing guns at penis Facebook group shot himself

A member of a Facebook group where men jokingly post photos of themselves pointing loaded guns at their genitals, accidentally shot himself in his privates.

The bizarre incident took place on Tuesday in San Diego, California, landing the trigger-happy man in the hospital to be treated for injuries to his scrotum, as Vice first reported. 

The man, who has not been named, is reportedly a member of the Facebook group ‘Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis’. The group was created in May to get a rise out of responsible gun owners by showcasing photos of men pointing loaded firearms with the safety off at their crotches. 

That is exactly what the San Diego resident was doing when he shot himself this week. 

He posted a video of himself showing off his .45 caliber 1911 pistol, then pressing the muzzle against his genitals. After a few seconds, the gun discharges.

The wounded man documented what happened next in a series of posts, writing: ‘Hey [b]ois, I might have f***ed up.’ 

The comment was accompanied by a photo showing the man’s exposed legs with a towel pressed in between them, drops of blood on the floor and a crumpled copy of the US Constitution.

‘I’m not kidding. I just shot myself,’ the gun enthusiast continued her narration. ‘God’s caliber went through my scrotum, mattress, boxspring and floor.’ 

As Vice reported, the man initially thought the bullet had just grazed his body, but a trip to the hospital confirmed that the round had gone straight through his scrotum, leaving an entry and exit wound. 

He reportedly shared a photo of himself laying on a gurney wearing a hospital gown and pointing his finger at his privates in a gesture mimicking a gun. 

An admin for the Facebook group reported that the victim was ‘100% okay’ and even went to work the following day. 

The San Diego Police Department has confirmed that officers were called to the hospital at 8.30pm on Tuesday for a report of a man suffering from a self-inflicted wound. 

But by the time they arrived at the hospital, the patient had been discharged. 

In the wake of the incident, other members of the Facebook group elevated the San Diego man to the status of an admin and celebrated him as ‘king.’ 

‘The reason we are calling him king is partially because the poor guy already shot himself, don’t think he needs to be chastised as well,’ the other admin told Vice. ‘I’m quite sure he’s learned his lesson without the entire world calling him an idiot.’

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