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Melbourne snake catcher Raymond Hoser said more snakes will be spotted as city has second lockdown

The deadly snake season is starting early this year, with sightings of highly venomous eastern brown snakes already reported in Victoria, as Melbourne endures its draconian Stage 4 lockdown.

Raymond Hoser, who runs Snake Busters in Melbourne, said he has seen the biggest ever demand for help during the coronavirus restrictions.

With people spending more time at home and focusing on home renovations, snakes in the ground are being disturbed and coming to the surface.  

Mr Hoser told Daily Mail Australia that ever since the pandemic started and lockdown began, his business has seen a spike in calls from terrified homeowners.

He said there was a massive increase in late March and early April, when the first lockdown was issued.

‘We had our biggest run ever and that was because of two reasons,’ Mr Hoser said.

‘One, the pandemic. People are at home more and in their gardens and call when they spot a snake.

‘The second is because it is winter and people are doing more renovations they are accidentally digging them up.’

Mr Hoser told Daily Mail Australia that Melbourne’s second lockdown would only mean more call outs.

‘More snake calls [will happen due to lockdown], that is a certainty,’ he said. 

He said during winter snakes don’t usually tend to wander about, instead opting to go underground.

Mr Hoser said he had one call recently when five snakes were taking refuge near a pile of brick underground in an effort to keep warm.

‘At the peak of the season I get about 20 calls a day but even now it is at least one call out a day,’ Mr Hoser said.

He warned that when snake season officially begins in Melbourne in three weeks, 95 per cent of calls would be about a deadly snake, such as a copperhead or an eastern brown snake.

‘If you don’t know how to handle a snake, one wrong move could turn it into a killing machine,’ he said.

Mr Hoser made a call out on Friday where three venomous eastern brown snakes were found in a pit in Sunshine North, 13km west of Melbourbe.

He knew how to deal with the animals so he picked them up bare-handed, with no sticks or tongs.  

‘Stay safe and remember snake season officially kicks off in three weeks, but we are getting calls already for snakes in yards and workplaces,’ he wrote on social media.

‘Do not copy what you see or you may end up dead.’ 

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