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Melbourne residents abuse cops after they descend on a park and break up their exercise

An angry local has clashed with dozens of cops in a Melbourne park as they arrived to break up a group exercise session during the COVID-19 Stage 4 lockdown. 

One man filmed his expletive-laden rant in which he described mask-wearing police officers as ‘Nazi dogs’ and accused them of cashing in on the pandemic. 

In the short clip, a convoy of about nine police vehicles were seen pulling up to George Andrew reserve on Monday, which was slammed as ‘excessive force’ by the man filming. 

Melbourne’s strict Stage 4 lockdown currently limits outdoor exercise to one hour per day and within a 5km radius of a person’s home.     

‘Wake up you Nazi dogs, you are f****** Victoria Police you are not f****** Nazis!’ the man tells the cops. 

The angry resident, along with a number of other locals, confronted the officers after witnessing the squad cars pull into the park.

‘Look at this? For what, for ten kids around here doing exercise, they are kids mate! Wake up to yourselves,’ he said. 

He accused them of wasting tax payers money and state resources before asking if they ‘feel great’ about themselves while people around them had ‘lost everything’.  

‘We lost our jobs, you have your jobs, we lost our homes, you have your homes,’ the man said.

‘You got a pay rise because of us mate!’ 

Victoria Police received close to a three percent pay rise after agreeing to a new deal with the State Government in December, 2019.  

The Dandenong local became increasingly agitated after one of the officers told him ‘we are all in this together’. 

While leaving the area he called the cops ‘Nazi police’ one last time before telling them to go ‘f*** yourselves’.  

The video has been viewed more than 124,000 times with a large number of Facebook users praising the man’s actions. 

‘Good on you bro you spoke so well! Love your courage I don’t blame your anger,’ one user wrote. 

‘Disgraceful. Leave them alone they are exercising. So many police for what, a few guys who live around there, what the hell,’ another added.

But not everyone agreed with the Dandenong man’s approach. 

‘Bogan at his best they should lock him up and throw away the key, think the boys in blue are being very tolerant,’ one user replied. 

‘This is not the way to protest, the police do an amazing job and should be treated with respect,’ another user wrote.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Victoria Police for comment regarding the confrontation.  

Under Stage 4 restrictions Melbourne residents can only leave their homes for four reasons, to buy essential items like groceries, for care or to give care, exercise and work. 

There is also a nightly curfew from 8pm until 5am.

Meanwhile Victoria has recorded 148 new cases of coronavirus and eight more deaths, taking the state’s death toll to 438 and the national figure to 525.

The figures come as the political stoush ramps up over a proposed 12-month extension to Victoria’s state of emergency to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At present, the declaration can only run for six months and will expire on September 13 along with Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown and regional Victoria’s Stage 3 rules.

Victoria premier Dan Andrews said his government won’t be able to dictate guidelines such as mandatory mask use and isolation rules without a 12-month extension.

‘We’ve got to protect public health, there can be no economic rebuilding until we fix this problem,’ he told reporters. 

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