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Melbourne radio hosts Jase and PJ HORRIFIED by Ariana Grande’s answers… before truth is revealed

Melbourne breakfast radio hosts Jason ‘Jase’ Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding were left horrified this week after their interview with an Ariana Grande impersonator descended into chaos.

The pair struggled to get reasonable responses from lookalike – who they believed was actually the Thank U, Next hitmaker – as they asked her about her new perfume and the future of her live performances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After pressing on with the rapidly deteriorating interview, it was finally revealed that they were actually talking to an imposter, and the whole segment had been a stitch-up orchestrated by Sydney’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

On Thursday, KIIS 106.5 duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson told listeners about their scheme to fool Jase and PJ, their counterparts on Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1.

Kyle, 49, explained to the Ariana impersonator: ‘All you need to do is answer their questions, but just be a little disinterested. We’ll then start feeding you some lines!’

The segment then crossed over to Jase and PJ, who at first appeared unsure if they were actually speaking to the real Ariana.

However, they proceeded to ask her about her new perfume, which prompted her to say dryly: ‘Yeah… it’s so exciting.’

The lookalike was then told by Kyle to ask Jase whether he’s married or not. Caught off-guard, he confirmed that he was married.

‘I had a guy who I thought would be into you. I thought you were gay – never mind!’ the impersonator said.

Jase then asked: ‘Is it the hoodie? What came across that I was gay?’ The Ariana lookalike said: ‘It’s like a vibe… like an energy, you know?’

PJ desperately tried to get the interview back on track, asking: ‘With lockdown, it must be very weird with touring and doing live performances and stuff?’

Kyle threw another spanner in the works by telling the impersonator to say she didn’t understand PJ’s thick New Zealand accent.

When PJ repeated herself, Ariana 2.0 said: ‘Sorry, the accent’s a lot. Can the guy [Jase] ask the question, please?’

As the interview went off the rails, Kyle interrupted to tell Jase and PJ they were being pranked, and the guest was not in fact Ariana Grande.

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