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Melbourne man wins over $1million in Tatts lotto draw and had the ticket in his wallet for a month

A lucky Australian lottery winner has walked around for an entire month with a winning $1 million lottery ticket in his wallet.  

The man, from Burwood, in Melbourne’s east, won $1,053,905 in the July 18 draw – but only found out he was an instant millionaire when he opened his wallet to buy his fortnightly lottery ticket and saw his old ticket. 

He decided to give the ticket to the newsagent to check. 

‘When I heard the noise go off, I thought ‘Wacko I must have won $20 or something’,’ he said.

‘They told me that I had won something much, much better than that.

The winner said he had been meaning to buy a ticket but ‘got distracted this month with everything going on’ in Melbourne.

He said it was difficult to celebrate while the city was in stage four lockdown. so he had a rum and coke at home.

The man said he had humble plans to spend this winnings and was now searching for his dream home online.

‘I’m going to get myself a little unit and that’s it. That will set me up,’ he said.

‘Hopefully, after that, I won’t have to work too hard, either.’

The man did not have his ticket registered with his contact details, so officials had no way to contact him.

The winning ticket was purchased from East Burwood Newsagency and was one of five division one winners in the TattsLotto draw 4069.

His number were 35, 21, 2, 43, 18 and 22, with 10 and 37 as his supplementary digits.

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