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Melbourne Karen tells police it isn’t illegal to not wear a mask before being slapped with a fine

A woman has filmed herself going on an extraordinary rant at police after she was asked why she was out in Melbourne without a mask.  

The woman posted three videos of the confrontation on social media in which she threatened to sue the officers for $60,000 after they arrested her when she refused to tell them her name. 

She started filming the incident after police approached her and her male friend and asked why they weren’t wearing masks.

The officers are heard telling the pair that it is now illegal to be outside without a face covering in the Victorian capital. 

The woman launches into an extraordinary rant lasting several minutes in which she berates police while yelling ‘I do not consent’ when they try to issue her with a $200 fine. 

She even demands the names of the two officers – Senior Constable Phil Gibby and Constable Jared Cavanagh – who appear shocked at her aggressive behaviour. 

After being asked why she isn’t wearing a face mask, the woman states she doesn’t have to give them a reason before refusing to hand over her name or identification.

Senior Constable Gibby tells her she is committing a crime but she continues arguing her case. 

‘It’s actually not Commonwealth law, you don’t know what you’re talking about right now,’ she says.    

When she continues to ignore their orders, the policemen say she could be arrested if she doesn’t give them identification.

She then demands the two police officers hand over their badge numbers and names, which are clearly written on their stab vests.

One of the exasperated officers then says he will be issuing her a fine for disobeying health orders. 

In the next video, Senior Constable Gibby explains that new laws came in force from midnight on Wednesday that mandate the wearing of face masks in public.

But when she is told once again she will be arrested if she fails to hand over her name and details she continues arguing.  

‘We don’t consent and if you do arrest us we will be suing you for armed kidnapping,’ she said. 

She then demands officers ‘prove’ the offence has been committed and asks if exceptions can be made for issuing fines.

Senior Constable Gibby tells her police can ‘use discretion’ when issuing fines but because of their ‘horrible’ attitude they won’t be doing that. 

In the third video Senior Constable Gibby tells them they are under arrest for failing to obey police orders.

The officers tell her they will be required to take them back to the police station but the woman refuses to accept that she has committed an offence.

‘I don’t have to give you my details, I’m just a citizen walking around and at this point your job is to make sure we are safe,’ she said. 

‘I can see you’re carrying guns, both of you, so I’m fearing for my life.’   

Senior Constable Gibby advises her he will be taking the pair back to the police station to confirm their identification.

‘I do not consent to that and I will be suing you personally. Not your department. You will be personally sued for $60,000 each,’ she said.

The videos have attracted thousands of comments online condemning her behaviour. 

A second post on her page hours later defending her right to freedoms attracted a similar reaction.  

A new law mandating the compulsory wearing of face masks in Melbourne came into effect on Thursday. 

Police have the power to issue $200 on the spot fines for anyone who breaches the new rules. 

The changes are part of an effort to slow community transmission of COVID-19 as Victoria struggles with soaring case numbers amid a second wave.

A spokesman for Victoria Police told Daily Mail Australia they are aware of videos circulating online but wouldn’t comment on specific breaches.   

‘We understand that the vast majority of Victorians are trying to do the right thing and our exercise of discretion will reflect that,’ the spokesperson said.

‘That said, we do expect people to follow the Chief Health Officer’s directions and will not hesitate to issue fines to people who are obviously and blatantly showing a disregard for community safety by failing to wear a mask.’

‘This is a critical measure designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus.’ 

The videos are the latest confrontation between citizens and police over COVID-19 restrictions. 

A Melbourne man filmed his incredible 22 minute argument with police after refusing to wear a face mask in public. 

The pedestrian was stopped by the two police officers on Thursday after they spotted him in the street without a mask.

In footage captured by the pedestrian, the officers can be seen politely asking him why he is not wearing a mask and even offering to give him one. 

But instead of complying with their request, the man went on a 22-minute rant where he complained about his ‘lack of freedom’.

Prior to this, Eve Black, from Melbourne, filmed herself driving past an officer at a police barricade on Thursday.   

When the officer asked her where she was headed and why she was attempting to leave, Ms Black simply told him she didn’t need to share that information.

The officer eventually waved her through as she sped off laughing and celebrating.

Ms Black has been widely condemned after posting the video, and could now find herself in trouble with the law after catching the attention of Victoria’s assistant police commissioner. 

‘Our members are out there all day and all night working incredibly hard to keep our community safe,’ Assistant Commissioner Rick Nugent said on Friday.

‘This was a selfish and childish act… it was ridiculous, it was unnecessary. 

‘If that woman lived in that area or had a good reason to be in that area, she would be allowed through.

‘If not, she’s breaking the law.’

In the past 24 hours Victoria Police issued 97 fines for COVID-19 breaches. 11 of those were for failing to wear a face covering. 

Victoria recorded five deaths and 357 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday out of a total of 3,995 active cases.

Of the new cases 37 have been traced to existing outbreaks while 320 are still unknown.  

Police have been working alongside The Australian Defence Force to enforce stay at home directives for people who have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews urged residents to abide by the new mandatory rule to cover their faces while out in public 

‘Masks are effectively our stage four,’ he said. 

‘If they are worn by everybody, we may not need to go further. We can’t rule out going further with rule changes, but it’s a big game changer,’ he said.

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