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Melbourne doctor Preeya Alexander reveals EXACT plan for ‘surviving’ the next six weeks of lockdown

An Australian doctor has revealed her plan for ‘surviving’ the next six weeks of lockdown as Victoria is gripped by its second wave of coronavirus. 

Dr Preeya Alexander, a general practitioner from Melbourne, said she’s bracing herself after premier Daniel Andrews announced tough new stage four restrictions, including an 8pm curfew and a 5km travel radius.

The GP has offered her guide to get through isolation – including daily walks, drinking alcohol mindfully three times a week and healthy eating – as health authorities attempt to limit movement across the state in an effort to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

‘We went for a walk after some anxiety-related chest tightness during the announcements and a loud cry afterwards to my mum on the phone and we planned hard how we will survive the next six weeks,’ Dr Alexander said.

‘It’s going to be raw – there may be tears, rants, sh** days and good ones but we’re all doing this together and we can do this.’

The mother-of-two said she will prepare ‘kid-friendly’ meals from scratch with no more than five ingredients per serve.

‘Meals will be veggie packed, and most of them five ingredients [maximum] because cooking multiple meals is not going to happen in lockdown,’ she said.

‘[Our meals] will be realistic (and not fancy) – it’s about you guys getting some ideas, survival, distraction and eating well in a heavy, heavy patch of life.’

Dr Alexander urged Victorian residents to ‘improvise’ the ingredients they already have in their home to avoid racing back to the supermarket.

‘Don’t be strict on ingredients – we are in lockdown. Improvise, use whatever veggies you have for instance. If you don’t have something, don’t panic,’ she said.

She admitted takeaway meals ‘will occur’, and she will treat herself to cake, chocolate, chilli chips and alcohol three times a week. 

‘Alcohol (three drinking days a week only for both brain and body in lockdown), chocolate and chilli chips – not selling “perfection” here (or anything actually) – it’s about survival,’ Dr Alexander said, with a laughing emoji.

For exercise, she will do an hour of walking outside her home every day.

Dr Alexander told Victorian residents it’s ‘ok to feel overwhelmed right now’ as she urged everyone to do ‘mental health check ins’ with family and friends.

‘Honestly, we knew these level of restrictions were coming (they had to in order to get this under control) but words like “state of disaster” and “curfew” evoke anxiety,’ she said.

‘It is ok to feel c*** or overwhelmed – but talk to someone… on Zoom or FaceTime – reach out.’

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