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Melania Trump boasted her ‘I really don’t care’ jacket ‘drove liberals crazy’ when she visited detained immigrant kids

MELANIA Trump boasted that her jacket emblazoned with the message “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” had driven Liberals crazy, a new tell-all book claims.

The First Lady is said to have brushed off the backlash about the jacket, which she wore to visit detained immigrant kids, according to the book by her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

The book, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady,” leans on secret recordings and insider knowledge to expose what Wolkoff says is the true face of the publicly tight-lipped First Lady.

The statement jacket made headlines when Melania wore it in 2017, but President Donald Trump claimed the message was aimed at “the fake news media.”

Wolkoff’s account says Melania delighted in the controversy and said, “I’m driving liberals crazy.”

Melania also said children in immigration detention were happy to have their own beds, according to Wolkoff.

“It’s more than they have in their own country where they sleep on the floor. They are taking care nicely there,” Melania allegedly said.

Children and adults in detention centers suffer from “egregious conditions in many of the centers, including lack of bedding (eg, sleeping on cement floors), open toilets, no bathing facilities, constant light exposure, confiscation of belongings, insufficient food and water,” according to the American Pediatric Association.

Most of Wolkoff’s book deals with intrigue in the East Wing, the part of the White House traditionally reserved for the First Lady and her staff.

Wolkoff, a former Vogue staffer who became friends with Melania in the mid-2000s, worked in the East Wing and on the 2017 presidential inauguration, drawing scrutiny because her company made $26 million from the event.

Wolkoff has denied any wrongdoing, saying she was the victim of a coordinated attempt to discredit her. The allegations cost her her job.

Much of Melania’s early East Wing tenure was defined by a bitter rivalry with her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump, who she mockingly called “Princess,” Wolkoff writes.

Feeling Ivanka was trying to steal the spotlight, Melania tasked Wolkoff with “Operation Block Ivanka,” a scheme to keep the First Daughter out of the snapshot of the moment of Donald Trump’s swearing-in, according to Wolkoff.

>Ivanka wasn’t the only person Melania resented, according to Wolkoff. The current First Lady refused to use the same toilet and bathroom as her predecessor, Michelle Obama, and refused to move into the East Wing until the living quarters had been redone, Wolkoff writes.

The allegation possibly answers the question of why Melania lived in New York with her son Barron for the year following the inauguration, living in Trump Tower with a security detail that reportedly cost taxpayers $100,000 a day.

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