Meghan’s refusal to attend Philip’s burial isn’t shocking, according to the Royal Family.


Meghan’s refusal to attend Philip’s burial isn’t shocking, according to the Royal Family.

THE ROYAL FAMILY’S REPORTED “pleased” reaction to the news that Meghan would be staying in California was unsurprising, according to royal experts, because they wanted to prevent “a circus” at the funeral service.

A royal expert dismissed claims that the Royal Family wanted to prevent a “circus” by having Meghan Markle attend Prince Philip’s burial as “not that shocking.” In his current version of Finding Freedom, the unofficial biography of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, royal author Omid Scobie made the allegation. The Royal Family was reportedly “pleased” to learn that the Duchess of Sussex would be staying in California on doctor’s orders, according to Scobie. Meghan was heavily pregnant with the couple’s second child at the time of Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

“They also add that certain members of the Royal Family were reported to have been quite glad that Meghan stayed in California because they didn’t want a circus or for the Duchess to create what they call a spectacle,” royal analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti said.

“I suppose that’s a bit of a bombshell of a claim, but it’s not shocking.

“I suppose who among us didn’t realize that, after everything that had happened, the Royal Family didn’t want Meghan present for a funeral for someone who is so much loved, not just in the family, but by the Queen herself and by the nation as well?”

“You may recall how moving that funeral was, given how little it was and yet it had all the pomp and spectacle associated with Royal Family gatherings. Even for those who aren’t strongly royalists, it was breathtaking to witness and deeply moving.”

Meghan’s privacy plea was denied by an expert as the Duchess waited to re-enter the spotlight.

“I think the distraction of having Meghan there, who wasn’t that close to the Duke of Edinburgh as far as we can tell, because she hadn’t even been in the family for that long, was the distraction,” he stated.

“I’m not saying that to disparage her; it’s just how it was, and considering that just 30 or so people were allowed to attend, I’m not surprised Meghan wasn’t at the top of the guest list.

“I believe they did the right thing by allowing her to remain at home.” Brinkwire Summary News


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