Meghan, what’s the only birthday present you really need? CAROLE MALONE is a happier husband.


Meghan, what’s the only birthday present you really need? CAROLE MALONE is a happier husband.

Carole Malone, an Express columnist, sends a loving – and brutally honest – greeting to the Duchess of Sussex on her 40th birthday.

First and foremost, I’d want to wish you a wonderful 40th birthday. I’m sure your darling hubby has something spectacularly romantic planned for you today to make you feel joyful and unique. Who’d have guessed that when you were a teenager and your bedroom walls were covered in Princess Diana photographs, you’d one day marry her loving son and become the mother of his children?

It must be difficult for you to comprehend that you wept as you watched Harry walk behind her coffin on that horrible day in September 1997 while sitting at your £11 million mansion’s dining table. Even nevertheless, here you are, all these years later, with your ideal family.

You must be overjoyed that, owing to that young prince, all of your childhood dreams of being wealthy, renowned, and even regal have come true, despite the fact that you were separated not just by an ocean, but also by a social and cultural difference.

But, Meghan, no class barrier was ever going to be an issue for you, not with the kind of confidence and self-belief, some might say arrogance, that makes you the powerhouse you are.

You may have been born into a working-class family in Los Angeles, but you were always going to be Someone, right?

And you ARE a Someone today. You have a prince for a husband, two lovely children, rescue dogs, a hen coop full of rescue hens, Oprah as a neighbor, a long line of A-listers dropping by for dinner, and zillions of dollars in deals.

Yes, some of those arrangements entailed smearing the Royal Family you previously wished to be a part of. Yes, they include injuring our 95-year-old Queen (for which many in this country will never forgive you) and Prince Charles.

You and Harry even called his family racists, which was a poor blow given their inability to retaliate. But I have a feeling you actually believe they are, and Harry has formed his ideas based on your perceptions.

It’s a shame, Meghan, that despite being estranged from your family, you’ve never truly appeared to comprehend the value of family.


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