Meghan O’Toole King is Cuffe Biden Owens’ wife.


PRESIDENT Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens married former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan O’Toole King on October 11 in a small backyard ceremony.

The couple dated for only a few weeks before announcing their short engagement and moving forward with their wedding.

Formerly known for her role on Real Housewives of Orange County, King, 37, was previously married to Jim Edmonds, 51, a retired major league baseball player.

They filed for divorce in 2019, and it was finalized in May 2021. Edmonds and King were married for five years and have three children together, daughter Aspen, 4, and twin boys Hayes and Hart, 3.

Their divorce came after allegations surfaced that Edmonds was having an affair while King was pregnant with their twins.

Edmonds denied the claims in a post on Instagram in October 2019 in response to King’s claims.

That same month, King also posted on her blog about the “months-long sexting affair” she claimed her ex-husband was having.

“To be clear, I don’t know if Jim slept with our babysitter or whether they were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially without either of them telling me (and Jim expressly lying to me about it),” King said in her October 29, 2019 blog post.

“I’ve gone back and forth with my thoughts for a couple days but as I write this, I don’t think he did.  But I still don’t understand why he’d lie. And why would she lie?”

Prior to King’s marriage to Edmonds, she was married to Brad McDill, a lawyer from St. Louis, Missouri, from 2007 through 2011.

Owens is an attorney out of Los Angeles and has kept a relatively low profile over the years. It wasn’t until King posted their relationship on Instagram that the news spread like wildfire.

She posted a photo with Owens on September 25 with the caption, “Trying my best to avoid any cheesy introductions like ‘my main squeeze” … so just meet my man.”

The post received over 55,000 likes and one person commented, “You look like he gives off safe and loving vibes like something different than what you have had before.”

Aside from King’s post, there isn’t much information on their relationship or when they officially began seeing each other.

Owens’ family home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the backdrop for his and King’s nuptials and where they became man and wife.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended their nephew’s intimate wedding on Monday, October 11.

The news of their wedding came after a White House press release that said, “The President and the First Lady are attending a small, family wedding at the home… Brinkwire Brief News.


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