Meghan Markle’s turn to ‘tug’ on the emotions of the audience, but an expert wonders where Harry is.


Meghan Markle’s turn to ‘tug’ on the emotions of the audience, but an expert wonders where Harry is.

MEGHAN, Duchess of Sussex “tugged” on the audience’s heartstrings during her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, but one royal commentator has asked, “Where’s Harry?”

Meghan, 40, refuted her children’s adorable Halloween costumes this year during an interview with a US TV host.

Meghan proudly announced to the audience that her five-month-old daughter, Lilli, chose to dress as a skunk, while Archie, two, dressed as a dinosaur.

Although Meghan mentioned her two children to the host, royal commentator Camilla Tominey was perplexed as to why Harry was not mentioned during the story.

“Now it was Meghan’s turn to tug on the audience’s emotions by telling touching tales about Archie dressing up as a dinosaur for Hallowe’en and ‘Lili’ as a skunk ‘like Flower from Bambi,'” she wrote for The Daily Telegraph.

“Unfortunately, there was no mention of what fancy dress aficionado Harry wore, or indeed of the Windsor One’s whereabouts, who was last seen juggling in the background of another one of Meghan’s A-list speed dates with Melissa McCarthy.”

Meghan revealed during the interview that her youngest child had started to teeth.

Meghan begged Ellen DeGeneres for anything to help her second child’s teething.

Meghan responded, “That’s Auntie Ellen for you,” when the US TV host suggested using tequila.

She went on to say that her son enjoys being a big brother to his younger brother.

Meghan also mentioned how much she and Prince Harry, 37, enjoy having two kids.

She also explained the distinction between having one child and having two.

“Someone told H (Harry) and me that having one child is a hobby, but having two children is parenting,” the Duchess said.

“All of a sudden, we realized, ‘oh right,’ everyone talks about what it’s like to have a second child, but no one talks about how the first child adjusts when the second one arrives.”

“I believe they have that ‘oh, this is fun,’ ‘oh, this is how things are now’ moment.”

The royal couple is gearing up for their second Thanksgiving in the United States.

While the couple prepares for their second Thanksgiving in the United States, it is unclear whether they will return to the UK for the holidays.

The Queen has yet to meet her newest great-grandchild, despite being 95 years old.

Rachel Bowie said on the Royally Obsessed podcast: “I’ve seen some early reports about a Sandringham Christmas this year.”

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