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Meghan Markle’s occupation on Wikipedia changed days relationship with Prince Harry was revealed 

Meghan Markle’s occupation on her Wikipedia page changed just days before her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex’s entry on the site was amended to show her occupation as  ‘actress, activist, humanitarian’ instead of ‘actress, fashion model and spokesmodel’ on October 9, 2016.

Her relationship with Prince Harry became public later that month.

A reference to her appearances on Deal or No Deal in the US as a ‘briefcase girl’ were removed from the page first.

It initially read: ‘Meghan Markle (born August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California) is an American fashion model, spokesmodel, and actress. 

‘She is best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits.

‘She was the model who held case #24 on the US version of the television game show Deal or No Deal (season one) and also played Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Amy Jessup in Fox’s sci-fi thriller Fringe.’

However, after an edit at 10.48pm on October 9, the information about her role on the hit game show at the top of the page was removed completely.

In this same save, a ‘Humanitarian work’ section was added.

It read: ‘Markle is actively involved in the socio-political arena and in 2016 she became Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, travelling to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign. 

‘She has also worked with The United Nations Women, where, as an Advocate, she presented at UN Headquarters for the HeforShe Gender Equality Campaign in September 2014. 

‘Meghan has also been a panelist on the esteemed list of speakers for One Young World (Dublin, 2014), and has travelled to Afghanistan with the Joint Chief of Staff on a USO tour December 2014.’

Then, in a final save at 10.51pm, her occupation was altered in a box appearing on the right-hand side of the page.  

It also called her the founder of lifestyle blog The TIG – which she ran at the time. 

The changes were reportedly made by an unnamed user with an IP address linked to a Los Angeles PR company, The Daily Telegraph reported. 

There is nothing to suggest that Meghan was ever represented by the firm. 

The edits have raised questions about whether a friend of the Duchess of Sussex could have made the changes knowing she would be thrust into the public eye once the news about their relationship broke. 

It comes as bombshell biography Finding Freedom claims the couple were ‘tipped off’ that a tabloid was planning to run the story of their romance.

There is no suggestion that Meghan was involved in the pair’s relationship becoming public.

The book states: ‘The following day Meghan felt somewhat bittersweet. On the one hand, she was disappointed that their secret was out.

‘It was no longer just the two of them. While Meghan, before she met Harry, had occasionally set up a paparazzi photo here and there or let info slip out to the press, she did everything in her power to protect the privacy of her relationship with the prince.

‘She knew keeping things quiet meant they could get to know each other without pressure or further worries that came from reporters covering their romance.’

But it added there was ‘also a part of her that was relieved’.

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