Meghan Markle’s children’s book was a “failure,” so she’ll have to “come up with the material.”


Meghan Markle’s children’s book was a “failure,” so she’ll have to “come up with the material.”

MEGHAN Markle’s children’s book failed to reach “anywhere near the top of the best-selling list” in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that the Duchess of Sussex continues to be popular in the United States.

A Today host called Meghan Markle’s illustrated book for young children, The Bench, a “failure.” The 169-word book was released on June 8, 2021, but sales were disappointing because it was not a best-seller in the UK. The Bench was inspired by Prince Harry’s relationship with Archie Harrison, the couple’s kid.

“Meghan Markle hopes to produce a new animated kids show,” Today host Allison Langdon said. “We know her book was a flop – it wasn’t a best seller, was it?”

“Certainly not in the UK, it didn’t even make the best-selling list,” said royal analyst Russell Myers, “but the Americans have come in droves to buy it, which simply goes to show the couple’s popularity.”

“They’re at rock bottom here in the UK; I’m not sure they are in Australia, but they seem to be the flavor of the month in the US.”

“However, I don’t think it can be transformed into a movie feature anytime soon for a 169-word book, so I’m not sure we’ll be seeing it on Spotify or Netflix very soon.”

Meghan Markle is reportedly in talks for a Netflix project. TWO YEARS PRIOR TO THEIR DEPARTURE FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY, she and Harry

The poem was written by Meghan Markle as a gift for Prince Harry on his first Father’s Day.

From the mother’s perspective, the novel is about a father-son relationship and the bond that develops in the early years of a child’s existence.

Christian Robinson created a series of watercolour paintings to accompany the book.

Despite the fact that the book did not make the best-seller list, it was acclaimed for its diversity, as Robinson included a diverse cast of characters from all nationalities and cultures.

Meghan did not make any public appearances to promote her book due to her pregnancy and the birth of the couple’s daughter Lilibet on June 4.

Last week, the Duchess revealed her newest Netflix project: an animated children’s series that she will help create and executive produce.

The series, titled “Pearl,” will follow a 12-year-old girl on “heroic journeys” as she meets great women throughout history.

“Brinkwire Summary News” will be produced by her and David Furnish, her husband.


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