Meghan Markle shares her 40th birthday with a member of the royal family who is close to the Queen.


Meghan Markle shares her 40th birthday with a member of the royal family who is close to the Queen.

MEGHAN Markle celebrates her 121st birthday on the same day as the Queen Mother, who was born 121 years ago.

The Queen will be commemorating the birthday of the Queen Mother, who died in 2002, by attending Meghan Markle’s birthday celebrations. On August 4, both the former Queen and the Duchess of Sussex celebrate their birthdays, with Meghan now celebrating her 40th birthday in California.

Russell Myers, royal editor, spoke to Lorraine about Meghan’s 40th birthday plans and her close relationship with the late Queen Mother.

He said: “I’m sure her plans would have looked very different only a year or two ago, since it’s such a significant birthday, and I’m sure she would have wanted to celebrate with family and friends, and throw a big old bash.”

“There was talk of her hiring one of Oprah Winfrey’s party planners and inviting 65 people, but alas, that will not happen.

“It’ll be a low-key celebration, but supposedly Harry has popped down to an organic bakery like you’d find in Los Angeles, and it’ll be a bit of a family occasion because she’s just given baby, of course.”

“They’re still getting to grips with living in LA, so a big birthday, and not only her birthday, but looking through the archives, it’s also the Queen Mother’s birthday, she was born 121 years ago today, so it’s very much a family affair.” Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday to demonstrate ‘quasi-separate Royal Family’ in US

After nearly eight decades of service to her country, she was recognized as one of the most popular members of the Royal Family at the time of her death.

She was exceedingly close to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, and remained by her side after the death of her husband, King George VI, to offer advise and counsel.

The Queen sent Meghan Markle a birthday message via the Royal Family’s social media channels earlier today.

Meghan is allegedly celebrating her milestone birthday with close family and friends at her Montecito home.

The Duchess was rumored to be throwing a birthday party for 65 people, however this has been debunked.

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